Thursday, May 29, 2008

like what you see?

Today.. i mean yesterday (coz it's already 1am now), finally i've moved the BIG ASS 46" LCD Samsung TV to our new home :) with the help of my aunty, my mum and my friend, han.. since the TV can't fit in my lil small car, i asked my aunty for help.. she took her car to han's shop and he took out the back seat and TA DAH! me so genius.. LOL! not =.=

Anyways, i stayed on to see my OUR contractor fix the 5 Bose speakers, the TV bracket and also putting the TV onto the wall :)

Alas! i can watch my chinese drama series on Astro ON the 46" TV :D just that i've to remember to fill up the installation form online later =.=

Ok ok.. seriously.. I NEED A NEW CAMERA!! sorry for my sucky over-exposed pics taken from my lousy 2.MP phone camera =.=" i have my eyes set on this! (5 X optical zoom, 2 X digital zoom, 10.1MP, ultacompact red Sony camera) :)

So i guess you'd be thinking, how L-O-U-D can those lil small cutesy speakers be?? i shall demo it to you IF you drop by :P

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what were they thinking?

I can understand if some skyline, R35, Rx7, WRX or Evo creep up behind me on the fast lane.. they might want to show that their car is more powerful than the Z BUT the thing is i don't understand why some MyVi and Alphard likes to stay so close to the Z's butt.. yea yea i know.. the Z has a nice rounded butt but that doesn't mean they can 'poke' it! grrrrrrr..

While i was driving on my way to PJ, a white Myvi with black hood crept up behind me.. it was so blardy close and the driver tried to overtake me.. i was on the right lane already but he was so smart.. wanting to overtake me from the left lane and his attempt failed.. i could go faster for sure but there were so many cars in front of me.. traffic.. and when the road was cleared, i said bye bye to the Myvi! muahahahaha...

And while i was on my way to KL, an Alphard was tailing me.. again =.= yea i know.. it has a V6 engine.. so??? (er.. does the alphard uses V6? coz i saw the V6 sticker on the car) same as the Z's V6 but that doesn't mean it's more stable.. the driver obviously forgot about an important fact THAT the center of gravity of his car is higher thus the car can overturn anytime while he corners.. i can see his car was tilting when he braked and cornered.. that's not all, he was trying to race with a WRX!! dumb ass =.="

Outcome: small cars, driver has BIG ego and BIG cars, driver has puny lil small tiny brain

Monday, May 26, 2008

am i organized?

Hmmm.. my mum has been telling me that i'm UN-organized.. my stuffs are just every where on the table.. my cupboards and drawers are FULL.. my shoes are every where including in my car =.=

So, when i move into our new home i'd want to be as organized as i can.. i want to keep everything in place.. i wonder when will i mess it up OR would i mess it up?:P

Anyways, as all of you read my previous post.. i bought a lot of plastic containers from ikea.. maybe you'd wonder what i'd do with it.. here are some pictures :-

My make-ups (not so many right?)

Bathroom essentials (collected from the hotels)

My nail colors (which i hardly use)

Our electronic stuffs (camcorder and camera chargers)

My CDs and our DVDs collections

My bb's PS3 games and blu-ray collections (for now)

My storybooks and comics collections

One of our 3 drawers in our study room

Ahem.. yes, those are paints from tamiya :P i still have a GT500 Xanavi 350z model to do.. will do it once i've settle in to our new home :)

ps: stay tune for more pictures~~

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ikea has been my fav place to shop for home accessories.. i didn't know that in order to start a NEW family/home, i've to spend so much time, effort and money.. unconsciously, i've spent at least rm600+ for the past 3 days shopping in ikea! hey, i gotta buy what i gotta buy right??

My mum and uncle bought us the Samsung fridge, my grandma got us the electrical appliances (rice cooker, fruit juicer/blender, iron) and my aunty gave me rm2k to buy things for our home.. so i bought this which cost rm900+ including the waste thingy :-

Domsjo ceramic double bowl

So my 3-days shopping spree in ikea includes :-

Bevera sealing clips

Bumerang skirt hanger x 6

Dokument letter tray

Dokument pen holder

Dokument wastepaper basket

Flint 2-piece book end x 2

Fniss wastepaper basket

Glis box set of 3 x 2

Glis box with lid x 2

Ice cube trays

Ikea jar (for rusty's food)

Istad re-usable seal plastic bags

Kaffee coffee maker (for my bb)

KNYCK napkin holder

Lillholmen soap dispenser x 3

Lillholmen toothbrush holder x 2

Limmeran bottle set

Propp clothes hanger 8-piece x 6

Rationell variera plate holder x 4

Slom jar with lid x 4 (for sugar, salt, flour & herbs)

Sova king fitted bed sheet

Syntess skiss bowl x 2

Vessla storage crate x 2 (for CDs & DVDs)

Vink CD rack x 2 (for my bb's PS3 games & blu-rays)

All and all, i've to say my MOST fav item from ikea will have to be this :-

This pic can't justify how pretty it is when it's lighted up :)

Last but not least, i got something too for boboie and it cost rm5 :-

Since i'd be moving away soon, i'd be taking boboie with me together.. so i bought another teddy to put in our home and the old one shall be left behind in my mum's house.. boboie always sleeps together with the teddy.. keeps him accompany at night.. this is how boboie sleeps together with his 'sleeping partner' :-

Now, i can't wait to shop for a microwave, hair dryer and an air pot! hehehehe... i can't wait to move in!!

ps: i got more items from ikea but since i can't find the pics online, so i didn't post it up :P

Friday, May 23, 2008

why not proton?

Since Malaysia, our Bolehland is SO proud of our local cars.. why not OUR ministers or Agong (King) sit in one?! most of them, they'd roll in a VIP style Mercedes or BMW.. check out our King's ride :-

I bet this Maybach is just one of the many exotic cars which our King owns.. hmmmm... why not proton come up with something as good as this and make us ALL proud?? =.= i guess i made you spilled your coffee on the table, huh? hahaha.. yea i know.. it's too early to be dreaming >.<

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

up close and personal?

OhMyGawd!!! i've seen pics of this monster circulating around forums BUT today i saw with my own eyes on the road.. far away i spotted the 'light' and i knew instantly there's a monster creeping up in front of me soon.. so i took out my trusty camera phone and snap a few pics.. passing beside this monster inches away made me feel so small =.=

Spot it IF you can :-

Can you spot it? no? how about this? :-

Still no? gosh, you need glasses then :P ok ok.. next picture :-

This monster has been spotted a few times at bangsar..

*drool* the GTR-rrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. boy, i miss the TV2 R34 *sigh*

Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm sure everyone knows who is tiesto.. so no introduction needed! >.< i do listen to dance music before this but just that i do not know who were the djs =.="

Anyways, before my bb left he got me hook to tiesto's 'In Search of Sunrise 6'.. bb, you forgot to give me a copy before you left! hmph! now i'm officially in love with tiesto.. don't be jealous, ok bb? afterall it's you who made me fell in love with tiesto :P

Here are some songs which i found on :-

I am so gonna buy this album!! in fact, am planning to get it first thing tomorrow when i go out :)

ps: i DO NOT want to miss tiesto performing again next time!!!! grrrrrr...

Friday, May 16, 2008

where can i buy this?

Me and my bb want this! :-

BUT it is no longer in the the market now :( i've searched for it at the apple center.. this old AirPort has been replaced by the new Airport Express since Jan 2007.. darn! and it doesn't look nice at all compare to the old AirPort.. judge it yourself :-

Urgh!! =.=

ps: bb, i guess we got no choice but the get the common looking AirPort Express now :(

Thursday, May 15, 2008

if only?

Am wondering if i'm actually a girl or guy.. coz i'm so so so in love with cars! first of all, i went gaa-gaa over the z-tune and wanted it, then now this.. IF only i have 200k with me now.. i would DEFINITELY buy this monster without a single doubt :-

This monster baby produces 780bhp @ 1 bar.. man, that's insane.. i'd love to own this baby as my 2nd car but but... i got no rm200k to spare :( can't get loan as this baby is too old.. sigh.. just hope this baby will get a good new owner.. don't want to see a good car get wasted :P

ps: for the specs, click here