Tuesday, May 06, 2008


YES! it's official.. i just went to buy a 5kg packet of rice.. the old price was rm19+ and NOW, it has increased to rm25+.. about rm6 difference!! arghhhhhh!! why o why?? we can't live without rice coz we, asians LOVE rice!

My aunty told me also that tin can food imported from China had increased too!! WHY?? why does the government has to increase the food that WE, chinese likes to eat?? they did it purposely, IS IT?? there goes my luncheon meat :( a can of it now will cost me rm6.90.. almost rm7.. urgh!!! it's like DOUBLE of the price from the old price.. so you can imagine how much was the old price of the luncheon meat..

Everything is getting more and more expensive now.. even electrical appliances is going up in price! WTF!


ps: am praying that the US exchange rate will go up *praying*

~ off topic ~

I've cut my hair again.. it looks something like this now :-

Will post up some pictures of it later (in a few days) :P


The Mrs Blogs said...

You cut your hair too? What a co-incidence. I've always loved VB's hairstyle but I doubt I could ever pull it off. Post up the pic for us to see :) Btw, where did you get it cut?

Tiffany L said...

my sis has the same hair style, but she got hers before CNY. actually i didn't know it was a VB hairstyle, and i kept telling that her fringe is so weird and lopsided hahahahaha.

btw, if you want to fry fish, try with a cross-section meat first (not a whole fish). easier to handle. your oil must be very very hot and before you put your fish in, fry a few pieces of ginger until they're brown and lay the fish on top of them. it will prevent the fish from burning and sticking onto the wok.

to achieve the golden effect, try dusting the fish with a little curry powder before frying. adabi has curry powder specially for fish.

:: about me :: said...

luckily i don't eat rice! nice hair!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

the mrs blogs: u won't know whether u can pull it off with short hair or not TIL u try it out :P

hedo: ok ok.. note taken on your advice :) guess u're good in cooking, huh? :P

deedee: i need my rice!! not everyday but at least once every few days.. i love fried rice and nasi lemak!!

:: about me :: said...

haha. i am used to not eating rice since young...