Saturday, December 09, 2006

how high is too high?

As usual i went shopping.. AGAIN!! i think i have stiletto fetish.. LOL... i just love buying stiletto.. when i was much much younger, i just love to walk in my aunty's heels.. hehe.. practice makes perfect.. i know stiletto is bad for health but... what the hell.. it makes us, girls look better and makes me taller.. so i won't look short when i stand next to my hubby :p

I went to Sg. Wang with my aunty and
grandma today.. the first thing i bought is this:-

The 4 inch green-ish stiletto from Vincci :)

Then i bought a Christmas card for my in-laws.. gonna mail it to them next week.. this is how it looks like :-

Do you think they'd like it? i hope they would :)

The next thing i got was for my hubby.. since he lost his earring, i got him 2 new ones!

Here's the 1st one which is black-ish and the second one...

is silver-ish.. i hope my baby will like it :)

Hmmmm.. i hope my baby doesn't think i spent too much :p


Anonymous said...

Sexy wife, u know I love it when you wear heels & skirts.. :P So, I really dont know how high is too high.. till you cant walk in a straight line & loose balance? hehe..
Thanks for the earstuds, and nice card. I dont think you overspend, plus I really do enjoy spoiling you, and u spoil me too when Im back. :) I love you a lot..