Thursday, December 07, 2006

how much cheaper?

Finally, i've to reload my mobile prepaid just merely 3 weeks after my hubby reloaded (RM 100) for me before he left to US for work.. i've been using my mobile to call and sms my hubby since he left.. at least it's better now since i can sms, call, email, chat with him on gmail AND skype compare to the previous time when he was in thailand working.. but all this comes with a price! hehe.. the calling rate from my mobile (M'sia) to his mobile (US) is about RM 1 per min AND the sms rate is RM 0.20 per sms..

So what i do now, is that i got myself a IDD calling card :) i got a RM 30 calling card from Digi.. i checked the rate.. it's only RM 0.15 per min! it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than calling from my mobile but the downside is everytime when i want to use the card to call, i've to enter the 15 digits loooooooooooong PIN number from the calling card.. sigh..

This is how the card looks like :-

This is the RM 30 IDD/STD calling card from Digi

Before i can use it, i've to scratch the back to reveal the PIN number.. duh~ :p~

So, by having this calling card i can chat with my hubby for as long as 3 hours!! but i guess he won't be THAT free though.. hehe.. but anyhow, i'm still happy that i'm able to hear his voice even he's half way around the world :)


Anonymous said...

Yeap, the world really is getting smaller baby, its a good thing I got this Tracfone from the US (prepaid line c/w phone) for quite inexpensive & economical reloads, so Im paying next to nothing to receive calls from you. Receiving sms is free altogether, and sending them is about 3 cents US. Its also good that we have full internet access, the use of Skype, email & also to be able to chat with u on Gmail.. So i guess we're a lot better off than most couples who have husbands working offshore, 2-3 years ago. Soon we could probably have video conferencing & 3G whilst im on a ship, so all is good. :) Nevertheless, I miss u like crazy baby, & nothing substitutes having you next to me, and holding you tight.. :(

Anonymous said...

gal... heard iTalk from tmnet is quiet good.. no need to key in lenghty numbers.. can give it a try - adrienne

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hmmm... it sounds good :) but not sure what my baby have to say about this.. hehe..