Sunday, December 10, 2006

the new zinger burger?

At last today, i got a chance to taste the new Zinger burger from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) but too bad my hubby isn't here to eat it with me.. hehe.. my poor baby.. anyway, my burger was my dinner and also my 1st meal of the day! hehe.. 1 meal per day for me is enough :)

What's the difference between the old Zinger burger and the new Zinger burger (Zinger Maxx)? let's see the difference, shall we? :-

This is the box of the Zinger Maxx

And this is it! the Zinger Maxx.. well, the difference is there's an extra
piece of cheese in the burger and a different type of burger bread..

My 1st meal and the only meal for today.. a Zinger Maxx, a regular whipped potato and wedges.. *yummy* baby, i bet you miss all this, right? hehe..

p/s: Happy 1 month Anniversary for our marriage :)


Anonymous said...

Damn baby, that burger looks so good... :( Too bad I cant try it out with you. But please make sure you cut down on the fast food & eat healthy if you are only gonna have 1 sold meal a day... I dont want anything bad to happen to my baby...

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i know :)

Anonymous said...

one meal ar? whoa~! what time you wake up wor? but anywayz, i think you should not resist yourself from eating lo, i mean to me la... hehehe, i just love food man... yum yum... =)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

er.. u know, it's so unfair.. normally guys won't get fat no matter how much they eat but for me... sigh.. when my hubby is back, i'd sure get fat :p~ he feed me alot with my fav food (pasta)!