Tuesday, December 05, 2006

isn't it lovely?

It's been a while since i found out that Sarah Jessica Parker came out with a perfume called "Lovely".. she was on Oprah show talking about her new perfume and her life.. i really wanted to find out how does it smells like..

At last, on sunday as i was at Midvalley with my aunty, i found the perfume! this is how it looks like :-

Isn't this lovely? it smells nice too.. it's really lovely AND sweet :)

Hehe.. it IS indeed lovely.. the 50ml cost less than RM 200 and the 100ml cost RM 250.. i don't know if i should buy it since i've quite a few bottles of perfumes in my cupboard.. let's see what my baby says.. keke..


Anonymous said...

Hi baby, so u like the perfume? What does lovely smell like? To me, it would smell like you. :P
Ok, go ahead n get it u want. Better the 100ml, coz its better value for money.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

oh goody.. hehe.. thanks baby :) but i think i'd get the 50ml as i'm scared i'd get bored of the perfume even before it finishes if i get the 100ml :p