Sunday, December 31, 2006

good quality?

At last i could use my laptop to online :) i'm blogging now on my comfy bed in my room with my air-cond on.. hehe.. so today i was 'exploring' my new macBook and i tried the built-in camera..

Below are a few pictures.. yea yea, i was cam-whoring :p~

Okay, so how does it look? i mean the quality.. not me.. lol..

See, i'm on my bed :) ok ok, enough of cam-whoring :p~


Anonymous said...

Nice pics baby, hope to install Skype on my laptop soon & chat with you online.. we'll see if the connection is good enuff for video cam.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hopefully it'd be better :) hmmm, maybe u could get a webcam at walmart

Anonymous said...

No wonder lar some1 sms me non stop when i am playing my nintendo DS lite ^_^ haha, btw nic, if u need any software apps, check out