Monday, December 25, 2006

how was your Christmas eve?

My Christmas eve, i spent it with my family at 1Utama.. we arrived there around 1pm ish and we only went home about 2am ish.. yea.. almost 12 hours, man.. lol.. it was the longest time i've EVER spent in a shopping mall and the parking costed me RM 17! how i wished i have the credit card so that i could park at the VIP for RM 8 for the whole day! btw, the traffic was horrendous.. outside 1U AND inside 1U.. i went in from the new wing and was directed all the way to the new office building! imagine! so blardy far away.. anyhow, we finally able to find some parking spaces..

Throughout the 12 hours in 1U, we shoped, had lunch, had dinner, had drinks, rested and watched a movie.. my aunty bought 2 tops while i bought a top from Esprit and a pair of sandals from Vincci.. the shops were packed with people and i had to queue to try on clothes, paying and even to the washroom! we managed to catch a movie.. luckily i booked the movie 2 days earlier.. if not, we won't be able to watch it.. we watched the midnight show.. i chose :-

'Confession of Pain' as Tony Leung is my fav actor! :) for the storyline, pls click here..

So, that's how i spent my Christmas eve.. just a day with my family.. think my Christmas eve sucked compare to those who party all night long and got drunk :p~
how i wished my hubby was there with me... baby, where are you??? i miss you..............


Anonymous said...

Wish I was there to spend Xmas with u baby... the card didnt arrive yet? Ive gotta go and give HSBC a bollocking when I get back. Did u try calling Boon?
Hope I can watch that movie with u when Im back.. :)

:: Nicole :: said...

baby, it seems like every time u're back from work there'll be not much good movies to watch :p

anyway i found a few interesting movies : Ghost Rider (Nicholas Cage), The Holiday (Jack Black), Stranger Than Fiction (Will Ferrell)