Saturday, January 27, 2007

where's the other new stuff?

Oopsie! it's been awhile wince the last time i came online.. hehe.. well, now i usually sleep 'early' and wake up REAL late.. i mean usually sleep about 3am or 4am and then wake up at 2pm or later :p~ but most of the time i'd wake up earlier than my hubby.. he's the REAL piggy.. hehe..
So, continue from the last post.. my hubby got me a Bose SoundDock as all you know.. here's the picture of it :-

This is currently in my room now.. the sound quality is just AMAZING.. when our apartment is ready, this will be in MY kitchen.. so i could listen to music while i cook! LOL! er.. if i do cook :p~

Besides this Bose, my hubby just bought a new home for lil rusty @ Pet Safari, Ikano.. it's a HUGE home for him.. hopefully he'd love it :)

Isn't it HUGE? for a lil hammie.. hehe.. oh yea, we just bought some extensions for the home.. so that lil rusty could squeeze, run up and down..

This is lil rusty in his new HUGE home :) isn't he cute and adorable?

Apart from the things my baby got me, i did get him back some presents too! a relationship must give and take.. not only take from one party.. so, here's some stuff i got for my baby which i know he'd LOVE it!

Can you guess what brand is this wallet? it's pure leather.. ahhh~ nice smell.. hehe..

Yup! it's
Braun Buffel.. am sure the guys could guess it :p~ this new wallet it to replace his old tear wallet which his ex gf gave him a few years ago.. hope he likes this one :)

Another present which i gave him was :-

A GTR R34 Z Tune! ok ok.. it's NOT the actual drivable Z Tune as this is the scale down 1:24 model :p~ hehe.. my baby's car would be more powerful than a Z Tune when it's out from the workshop! i can't wait..

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

new stuff from US?

Recently just in a couple of days, my hubby got back from US.. as all you know :p he got me some new stuff from there.. i was like a curious lil kid.. haha.. opening each of the presents he got for me eagerly..

Let me show you guys what he got.. first, FOOD! :-

This he got me 2 packets but i gave 1 to my aunty.. i haven't trie
d yet so i don't know if it's any good :p~

And he got me 3 packets of this as replacement for the 1 packet peanut butter M&M's which he could only manage to get for me..

Skittles! i used to love eating this when i was much younger.. he got this free from the plane :)

Okay, that was ALL about food.. now, let's see the Sony, Mylo he got for me.. actually he's supposed to get 2 but then the Mylo is selling like h
ot cakes back in the States.. so he was lucky to be able to get 1 for me.. at least..

Ta Dah! it comes with a pouch.. duh~ haha.. oh no, my finger prints ALL over.. hehe.. oopsie :p~

It's a slide cover.. cool, eh? the keypad is a lil too small for my hubby's fingers.. hehe.. for me, it's just purrrrrrrrrr-fect

The Mylo is smaller than i thought..

This is how it looks like
when it's switched on.. the left side there's a yellow-ish light and when i go online, the right side there's a blue-ish light.. isn't it awesome?

That's all for now.. i still have a few more stuff to show you guys.. but just be patient.. i have to take pictures of it first :p~ hehe.. oh yea, here's a picture of me and my hubby when he was online on his laptop and i was trying out the camera on my MacBook.. i took the opportunity to take more pictures with him.. am i smart or am i not? :p~

Hey, we were not naked, okay? :p~ ummmm.. he WAS half naked though.. LOL!

Friday, January 19, 2007

when is he coming home?

At last my baby is at Houston, Tx when he sms-ed me to call him.. he's ON HIS WAY HOME!!! after 6 long weeks of waiting, i finally will get to see him again.. miss him heaps!~

Anyway, he got me a a couple of stuff from Circuit City before he left for Houston.. hehe.. i'd blog about it when he's back as i need to take some pictures of the stuffs first :p~ so be patient, ya? but i could tell that he got for me.. he got me a Bose SoundDock Digital Music System and a Sony Mylo!! but oh well, the Bose SoundDock System is actually for our new apartment later :) isn't he the BEST hubby in the
WWW (WholeWideWorld)? *beaming*

When i was on the phone with him, he was waiting to board his flight to LA.. in LA, he has to wait for another flight to come to Malaysia.. that would be like more than 14 hours of flying.. but in between, he might stop over at Taipei for about an hour before continuing his flight back here.. so, while waiting i asked him to search for my peanut butter M&M's.. we don't have it in Malaysia.. there's only either just plain chocolate or with nuts.. no peanut butter :(

This is how it looks like :-

Once i tried this, there's no turning back! thanks to andrea :p~

Hey, if anyone wants to do some business.. you could bring some of the M&M's here, Malaysia! haha.. i'd be the erm... 2nd person to buy it from you.. why not the 1st? well, coz andrea will be the 1st.. she's addicted to it! haha..

My baby would be arriving tomorrow which is 20th January.. he just missed his b'day.. and i hope he won't get tax for the stuff he got.. i can't wait to pick him up tomorow.. hope i could sleep tonight as i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo excited for tomorrow! :) oh yea, tonight will be the last night i'd be sleeping alone on my King size bed.. starting tomorrow night, i'd have him to hug to sleep! my baby............

p/s: yes, i'm sooooooooooooo crazy in LOVE with him :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

isn't this so cool AND amazing?

Apple recently has come out with a cool gadget.. it's a phone, a web tool AND an ipod! it's a fully touch screen phone!

Enjoy watching the demo!! :)

~ Happy Birthday!! ~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hubby!!! you are 26 already.. soon, i'd be as ooooooold as you.. in erm, exactly 2 months time! hehe..

Too bad you're not here with me during your birthday BUT hey, look at the bright side.. you're ON YOUR WAY home!! :) after 6 weeks of work finally you'd have your deserving 6 weeks holiday with ME! aren't your seeeeeeeeex-cited? *blush* hehe..

psssssssssssst.... did you check your email yet, baby?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

do i need a post-it?

Just in case.....................

To be on the safe side :p~

p/s: but i do know i won't forget.. how could i forget? haha! it's tomorrow :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

how does my baby smells like?

My baby left his cologne here for me when he goes offshore.. why? 1st of all, he doesn't need it for work.. secondly, it's because i love the smell soooooooooooo much and it reminds me of him.. so sometimes i do take it out from my wardrobe and smell it! :p~

My baby uses Mont Blanc's Individuel.. this is how it looks like :-

As it's stated that Individuel is for the man who is confident, sophisticated, elegant and distinctive.. which i think my baby is.. and this is an innovative signature scent with hints of juniper berries, orange blossom and amber..

I think this fragrance just suits my baby so well.. i remember him wearing it on our first date.. made me wanted to get closer to him.. hehe.. it is a smell which i'd not forget.. thumbs up to Mont Blanc for coming up with such a good fragrance.. you can read some of the comments from other people and their ratings here.. now, who says cologne isn't important?

milk for hammie?

I do take care of my lil' rusty well.. i feed him oats, dried mixed food and some treats (jelly & sweets).. but lately i've added an additional item on his 'menu'.. occasionally feeding him MILK! yeap, milk.. my friend, alice told me that she fed her hammie milk too last time.. so i tried..

I don't drink milk so i bought a small box of milk instead..

This is the milk which i bought.. a couple of days ago.. it's still good as i keep it in the fridge :)

Lil' rusty was sleeping when i woke him up to drink milk..

Isn't he cute??

He really can sleep.. he should be a piggy! :p~

He loves drinking milk actually.. but can't drink much..

Side view of him drinking milk from a small lil saucer.. do you think he's FAT? hehe..

I gave him a lil only but yet he can't finish it! :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

to cut or not to cut?

It's been months since the last time i had my hair cut.. i think since 4 or 5 months ago.. i went with my baby at that time.. now, i think it's time to cut my hair.. as it's til my waist now.. hehe.. almoooooooost... should i cut it straight or with 'V' shape? should i layer my hair? but my baby likes my hair to have some 'body'.. not to thin.. and should i color my hair? cut my fringe shorter? hmmmmmmmmm, decisions...

My mum is going to the hair salon now.. as she wants to perm her hair.. so i'd pick her up later.. i'm just thinking whether to cut it or not.. darn.. it's just so hard to decide.. argh!!!

A couple of hours later.......

I've cut my hair!! hehe.. my baby said no to layering, coloring and perming of my hair.. he wants it to be natural.. well i guess i'd have save alot of money then.. hehe.. maybe not :p~ coz i just spent RM100.. for what? for my haircut, shampoo and a hair conditioner which smells ABSOLUTELY delicious.. it is made from mixed fruits (apple & mango)..

The bottles do look nice right? i can't wait to use the conditioner.. damn, my hair would smell nice & fruity :) and as for the shampoo, it's made from mint.. VERY minty & cooling..

Friday, January 12, 2007

my experiences with the 'beast'?

I HAVE to blog this.. as i was driving to the mini mart at my place, i spotted an orange Lamborghini Murciélago!! i was like "OMIGOSH!!"..

Isn't this a beauty? imagine seeing this in real life.. i was like 'whoa!'

I asked my mum to look at it.. the owner just finished pumping petrol and he opened the door.. my mum was like 'wah! the door open like that ar?'.. i was like 'er, yeah'.. and she asked me 'so, that car is more expensive than russell's car?' and then i was like 'of course!'.. duh~.. a Lambo can't be compare to a skyline.. it's just above the par.. a Lambo should be compare to a Ferrari.. that's for sure :p~

Okay okay, enough about the Lambo.. i know that we could not afford one UNLESS the one which is scaled down to 1:24 selling at Tamiya shop! LOL! let's leave the lambo and ferrari to those super rich and famous people.. for now, i'd like to talk about the 'beast'.. yeap, my baby's 'beast'...

Beauty and the 'beast'? LOL!! XD

My 1st experience driving the 'beast' was waaaaaaaay back in august 2006.. it was when i was dating my baby.. he was staying at a hotel at that time and he gave me 'the heavy key'.. lol.. so i started the engine.. it went 'roooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaar'.. oh, it turned me on :p~ then my baby came down and he saw me at the driver's seat.. so, he went to the passenger seat and i was like 'what are you doing?'.. and he pulled the seat belt and said 'you drive'.. i went 'huh? you serious?'.. and he gave me his serious look on his face.. okay okay, so i pulled the seat nearer coz i'm short.. sigh..... the clutch was giving me problems.. racing clutch #!@^&*$! i put on reverse gear and i
had one hell of a time to get the 'beast' out from the parking box! why? coz the engine kept giving up on me! arghhhhhhh! my baby was like 's-l-o-w-l-y let go of the clutch' and then the engine died.. and i tried again.. and again and again.. thank god my baby was patient with me and let me torture the 'beast' :p.. i gave up eventually..

The second time i drove the 'beast' was when my baby wanted to install strobe lights.. so i drove the 'beast' to my friend's accessories shop which is just nearby.. oh man! HUGE mistake! i had troubles with the clutch again! i stopped at a junction and guess what? the engine kept dying as i let go of the clutch too much.. cars were piling up behind me waiting for me to go but there we were, stuck at the junction.. luckily my baby was with me.. i didn't panicked and just left the 'beast'.. lol.. well, the drivers behind me was nice enough not to honk me.. thank god for that BUT it was embarassing for sure! after that blardy junction, i managed to drive to the workshop without stalling.. upon arriving at the shop, there were a few customers.
. guys mostly.. with their wira-lution and waja-lution.. when they saw me coming out from the 'beast', i know that ALL eyes were on me! LOL.. damn.. it felt nice..

And my third time with the 'beast' was after we had our TT session at subang.. it was me who wanted to drive this time.. why? coz we saw a girl driving a R32! i was thinking to myself.. if that girl could do it, why can't i? furthermore, the R32 is an older model.. it'd be nice to have a girl who drives a R34! so i told my baby about my request.. without hesitation, he stopped by the road side and let me take over the wheel.. i adjusted the mirror, side mirror and the seat.. it was nice driving at night.. it was like 2am.. my baby was like 'ok, change gear'.. 'change gear again'.. 'low gear'.. then..... 'FLOOR IT!' i was like 'HUH?!'.. so i floored it! OMG! it was fun! imagine 400bhp at the wheels.. unbelievable! no words could describe how it felt or how i felt at that time.. gosh...

Now, i really can't wait for the 'beast' to be 'un-leashed'.. it'd be 700bhp on wheels.. that's what my baby said.. i've made another resolution for this year.. which is to be able to 'tame' the 'beast'.. no no, not with the stool and whip :p~ lol.. i want to be able to drive it without any problems.. when my baby isn't around, at least i can drive it for him.. imagine, guys would be sooooooooooooooooooo jealous and envy.. LOL.. ain't it a good idea? hope my baby would believe in me.. that i'd take real good care of the 'beast' when he's away working.. nyek nyek nyek..

Driving a manual car isn't easy especially with a racing clutch but a performance car is always with manual transmission.. that is why i want my baby to get me a car with tiptronic transmission.. i don't need another manual car as he already has one! hehe.. so the next car that i want would be :-

The Fairlady 350z with a Nismo bodykit! ain't she's fine? mama-mia! as for the Veilside bodykit, it can wait.. as it's pricy..

p/s : fyi, i'm the only girl who had driven my baby's 'beast' since he bought it.. hehe.. the 1st and the last girl.. no other girls would have a chance to drive the 'beast'.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... LOL!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

why am i feeling this way?

Just wondering why am i feeling so 'blue'.. hmmmmmm... for sure it's not the 'time of the month' as it already came and gone.. LOL..

I just feel emotionally drained, easily get (upset, agitated, angry), sleepy, tired, don't feel like doing anything, bored, having sleepless nights, having nightmares, hard to go to sleep, can't eat much and etc.. maybe the time has come.. of course not 'the time of the month' again.. it doesn't come twice :p

I mean the time has come for me to feel LOVE once again.. to physically hug my baby.. you know, like the level of batt on my laptop.. it has to be charged once the level drops.. i think it's time for my baby to come home and 'charge' me.. lol.. er... that sounded not right :p~ i mean the 'hugs & kisses' level has been increasingly dropping.. i need more hugz and kisses from my baby.. it's gonna be 6 weeks soon since he went off.. i miss him sooooooooooooooooo blardy much..

Okay okay, i guess i have to stop here.. or else i might lose some readers as this is getting waaaaaaaaaay too mushy.. lol..

pssssssssst, can't wait for my hubby to get back soon BUT i don't think he'd be back next week or even this month :( sigh...........

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

what's the difference?

I came across many people asking me how's married life.. for me, there's some differences but also there's some similarities between married life and single life..

First of all, the MOST obvious difference is that people would now refer me as Mr
s Westwood or Mdm Foong instead of Miss Nicole.. hehe.. secondly would be when i fill up forms, i'd have to tick Mrs now :p~ thirdly, i've a husband instead of having nobody to love me back.. now i can afford to have a comfortable and easy life compare to the working life i had before.. thanks to my hubby.. i too can now have things which i can only dreamt of last time.. besides my aunty, grandma, mum and uncle, i have an extra person to pamper me :) as well.. also i can go for holidays with the one i love (hubby).. to have un-limited *ahem* with my hubby in MY bedroom :p oh oh, and i can have kids :) lil Westwoods running around.. most of all, i have/would have a FAMILY of my own..

But then even after married, i
still live with my mum coz my hubby isn't always here with me.. he has to work, you know? for our future :) and our apartment isn't ready yet.. so it's still the same.. i still go shopping with my aunty, take my mum to pay bills, do grocery shopping with my mum, eat at home, watch tv at home and online..

Somehow, i do like my life right now.. actually i'm LOVING it! :) i have EVERYTHING every girl c
ould possibly want.. and i'm satisfied *BIG grin*

My hubby, my lover, my soulmate, my life :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

the beast?

What do you know about my baby's 'beast'? maybe none of you guys are interested in the 'beast' BUT not me :p~ well, i've to admit that i didn't drooled when my baby came to pick me up for our first dinner date.. i don't know why.. instead i was more to looking forward to meet him in person.. it was quite late when my baby arrived to pick me up for our first ever dinner date as he drove all the way from penang to kl in his 'beast'..

This is the 'beast' which my baby pulled over right in front of my apartment for our first dinner date :)

It was about 9pm ish when he arrived.. i didn't get to have a good look at him BUT when he was pumping petrol at the petrol station nearby my place, i was like........... i fell hard.. i fell in LOVE with him.. love at first sight :)

As most of you know, i love cars.. modified and performance cars.. that is why i'm on zth and the place where i got to know my baby.. if not for the 'beast', my baby won't be on zth.. when my baby gave me rides in the 'beast', i like it.. it doesn't feel like he's doing 200kmph! lol.. i always pushed him to go faster :p~ then one day, as i was driving in my car with my mum.. my baby drove passed us.. more like zooooooooooooming passed us.. i was like 'SHIAT!' i didn't know the 'beast' was that fast! lol.. the best thing i love about the 'beast' is the sound of the engine roaring AND the sound of the BOV (Blow-Off Valve).. everytime when my baby was around the corner at my place, i'd be able to hear the BOV! hehe.. but most people will take it as noise pollution BUT to me, it's just music to my ears :)

Now, the 'beast' is in the workshop.. 5 weeks.. i think more than that.. soon will be 2 months.. i really miss 'him'.. i wish 'he' would be ready soon.. so that my baby could 'un-leash' the 'beast'.. LOL..

p/s: baby, i miss you too.. don't be jealous, ya? :p~ hehe..

Saturday, January 06, 2007

window shopping again?

Hahahaha.. hell yeah, i've been shopping AND window shopping quite often but this time my mum wants to shop.. well, she said it's for Chinese New Year (CNY) as it's just around the corner! ok ok, not around the corner as in the next week.. it's about more than a month later.. my family doesn't like to shop late.. as the clothes will be mostly in RED color.. oh well, chinese.. chinese people likes red BUT not us.. we do wear red but not the Bright RED..

So, today we ended up a
t 1Utama.. yeah, AGAIN.. sigh.. the first shop we entered was PDI.. my mum bought jeans and a top and i tried on a pair of shorts.. this is how it looks like :-

Do my thighs look BIG? or HUGE?

We (me, my grandma, my aunty and my mum) spent a few hours at 1Utama.. we entered MNG, Forever 21, Padini Concept store, Wh, Parkson, G20
00, U2, Hang Ten, Bossini, Rest & Relax, FOS and etc.. oh yea, we went to Zara as well.. how could i forget about that? that's my fav store :) i found 2 off-shoulder tops at Zara.. 1 was short sleeved and the other was a long one.. so i tried both :-

This is the S size.. but still it was just too big for me.. actually it can slide down easily :p~

And this is the long sleeved off-shoulder top.. what do you think? i really like it but it cost RM 79.. futhermore i have another one at home which is like this but it's green-ish.. just that the one i have, doesn't show off my shoulder so much as this one.. so i decided not to get it afterall...

We had our dinner first before leaving 1Utama.. as we were walking to the car park, i went into a bookstore and got myself 3 Betty & Veronica's comic books.. hehe.. it's been awhile since i bought those.. it's been YEARS actuall
y.. my mum was the one who started buying it for me first.. back then it was only RM 8-80 per double digest BUT now, it's RM 10! so, i had to part with my 3 RM 10 bills.. sigh.. bye bye..

These are the 3 comic books i got and it costed me RM 30!

Here's my Archie's and Betty & Veronica's comics collection :) think i'd keep it and pass it on to my kids tho :p~

Next time i'd show you guys my proud collections.. of what? my collections of perfumes, belly button rings, stilettos, my car mags, Enid Blyton's books, mobile phones AND my Zits comics.. so, do stick around for that! :)

who is Tony Jaa?

Has anyone watched Tom-Yum-Goong or Ong-Bak before? i know those movies are quite old but.. it's just SUPERB! they're thai movies and i know that i do not understand thai BUT.. hey, there's subtitles, okay? :p~

Tony Jaa was the leading actor for those 2 movies.. i could tell you for sure that his martial arts are just FANTASTIC! the first time i saw him on
tv demonstrating his martial art skills, i couldn't believe what i saw.. he ran, jumped on top of a few guys and ran on their shoulders! no wires, nothing.. i was TOTALLY impressed!

A few days ago, i went to buy some dvds and i specifically was looking for those 2 movies..

This is the Tom-Yum-Goong's movie poster.. click here for the trailer and click here for the movie info

And this is Ong-Bak.. click here for the movie info and here for the trailer

I am very fascinated of the martial arts that he used.. he breaks people's hand, arms, legs, back and head as well.. but mostly he'd aim for the head.. his high flying kicks, high jumps, punches, running up the wall could make your jaw dropped! Tony Jaa is not only an actor but also in real life, he can fight.. his martial arts skills includes Muay Thai Boran, Krabi Krabong, Stick, Sword, Pencak Silat, Capoeira, Wushu, dance and gymnastic.. he was trained in Muay Thai since he was 10 years old!

So, what is Muay Thai?
Muay Thai is a martial art developed in Thailand. The basic offensive techniques in Muay Thai use hands, elbows, kicks and knees to punch and kick the opponent. This is also known as “The Science of Eight Limbs” as it employs these limbs to attack. This style is well known for its extensive use of the knees and elbow.
For more info, click here

Right now, i'm waiting for Ong-Bak 2 to be screen.. it says it will take at least one year for the filming of “Ong Bak 2” which got a production budget of around 150 million baht from Sahamongkol Film.. the movie is expected to be released at the end of 2007 at the earliest.. so, who would be the leading actor in this movie? it's none other than Tony Jaa, himself! :)

p/s: psssssst, i personally think that Tony Jaa is waaaaaaay better than Jackie Chan in martial arts

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

have you seen lil rusty @ my hammie?

It's gonna be 2 months soon since i got my hammie.. i named him lil rusty.. he sure has grown.. BIGGER in size and eat more.. hehe.. i play with him at least once a day.. sometimes more so that he won't be lonely.. rusty always sleeps during the day and will be active at night.. running on the wheel and climb up biting the metal cage.. he's just so cute and adorable..

Here's how he looks like now :-

The only time i could take his picture is when he's eating/nibbling

Look, is he big?

close up of rusty nibbling a dried corn

And here, he's eating the jelly i bought for him yesterday

He's always eating something.. rusty is becoming FAT! :)

Rusty is very naughty.. when i open the top lid of the cage, he'd climb up and wonder around on my table.. hehe.. i just love this lil guy so much.. he's my companion.. wish i can get him a partner/companion too :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

where's my doggie?

Today, i went to Pet Safari at Ikano with alice, my ex-schoolmate.. i had an intention of buying a bigger home for rusty, my hammie.. but i ended up buying other stuff:-

A box of dried food, a packet of jelly and a strap to walk rusty! lol.. cute...... and i've spent about RM 48! it's not cheap..

Anyway, i didn't get the house.. coz i was thinking what shall i do with the old house? it'd be wasted.. but aha! i thought of alice's colleague.. she got a hammie recently from alice as her christmas present.. so she'd need a nice comfy hous
e for her dwarf hammie.. i'd only get the new home for rusty IF someone wants the old house..

While i was there, i went to look at the cute doggies at the pet shop.. they have a few shih tzu, a maltese, a chihuahua and etc.. then
there was a siberian husky.. i was like "OMG!" i was amazed of how beautiful he/she is.. here's how a siberian husky looks like :-

Look, it's simply sooooooooo gorgeous..

Although the shih tzu were VERY cute and adorable, because of a 'personal' reason i do not want a shih tzu
if i'm to get a doggie.. furthermore, its fur is hard to maintain.. my personal fav would still be the jack russell.. lol.. yea, maybe it's something to do with the name :p~

Don't you think jack russells are cute as well?

But my hubby's fav doggie among ALL is the.... mastiff! hmmm...

Yup, it's a BIG dog.. but my baby said it can protect me when he's not around with me.. oh well.. makes sense too :)

I do hope my baby would get me a doggie.. to be my companion and to protect me when he's not around.. then i can buy those cute lil outfits i saw at Pet Safari and send him/her to the obedient classes (RM 360 for 10 classes) AND if me and my hubby wants to go for a long holiday, we can leave the d
oggie at the pet hotel! :)

Okay, enough about doggies.. now i wish i have one.. besides the hammie stuff i bought, i also got a nice wrapping paper for my hubby's christ
mas present.. hehe..

Can you guess what is it, baby? hehe.. i know you can't.. BUT i'm VERY sure you'd LOVE it! :) trust me...

And this is the greeting card

Baby, i'd be waiting for your return and we'd celebrate our christmas, new year, your b'day, valentine's day, chinese new year and my b'day, right? i LOVE you

Monday, January 01, 2007

how was your New Year?

Today as usual, just like any typical day i woke up to chat with my hubby online.. didn't seems like new year to me.. hehe.. so, after chatting i watch "My Super Ex Girlfriend" on my macBook.. for those who don't know about this movie or have forgotten about it, let me refresh your memory :-

This movie starring Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson and Anna Faris.. it's a comedy for sure..

As i was watching half way, my hubby sms-ed me.. so i called him.. it was 12am 1st January 2007, so i wished him Happy New Year :) we chatted on the phone for awhile but
the line was bad.. i had to try many times just to get through to him and furthermore, he can't receive my sms instantly.. the sms-es were lagging.. sigh.. network problem or it's just too congested :p

I stayed at home the whole day as it was raining and i don't know where to go or what to do.. so, it's better to stay at home.. then i watched another chinese movie on tv.. it's called "Shopaholic" :-

Starring Cecilia Chung, Lau Ching Wan, Jordan

After the movie, i fe
lt hungry so i ordered a regular Hawaiian (chicken chunks & bits and pieces of pineapples) pizza with extra cheeeeeeeeese from Pizza Hut.. *yummy* that's my lunch and dinner :) i just had 3 slices and boy, i'm FULL.. here's how the pizza looks like :-

Pizza Hut's box.. regular...

Hot-fresh-out-from-the-oven pizza..

Can't wait to get my hands on it