Monday, January 15, 2007

milk for hammie?

I do take care of my lil' rusty well.. i feed him oats, dried mixed food and some treats (jelly & sweets).. but lately i've added an additional item on his 'menu'.. occasionally feeding him MILK! yeap, milk.. my friend, alice told me that she fed her hammie milk too last time.. so i tried..

I don't drink milk so i bought a small box of milk instead..

This is the milk which i bought.. a couple of days ago.. it's still good as i keep it in the fridge :)

Lil' rusty was sleeping when i woke him up to drink milk..

Isn't he cute??

He really can sleep.. he should be a piggy! :p~

He loves drinking milk actually.. but can't drink much..

Side view of him drinking milk from a small lil saucer.. do you think he's FAT? hehe..

I gave him a lil only but yet he can't finish it! :)


Anonymous said...

ahahahaha...he is so cute la... like a fur ball when he's sleeping...i really miss having my hammies :(

gd try..i told u so..he loves milk...but dun feed him too much ya?


:: Nicole.F :: said...

y not u get a female and then we mate them? hehe... got babies we sell them! good breed :P~

Russ said...

Lil' Rusty is the cutest Hamster on Earth.. :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe....i'll check with my bf see how la...i would love to but scared doggie will b too curious n let the hamster out to play wen im not at home...then die loh!

it's a gd idea though...since u r not working, u can b a hamster breeder...sell them off n we make some money...kekeke!


:: Nicole.F :: said...

hmmmm, me, nicole.. a HAMSTER breeder! lol.. the shops sell RM20 per hammie so i'd only sell it for RM15! hehe.. cool, eh? :p~

Anonymous said...

hamster sleep alot in the day, because they are nocturnal.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

he used to run on the wheel at night but not now.. getting lazy i think.. hehe..

now he just sleeps night n day.. he even sleeps in his food bowl!

Anonymous said...

wahahaha....mine was like dat too...

yah yah...rm15 is fine... so now, make sure u get a female jack russel to breed with my male shih tzu..dat i can sell!


:: Nicole.F :: said...

u sure jack russell n shih tzu can mix? lol.. if i'm to get a russell, it'd be a male! :p~