Saturday, August 11, 2007

negaraku a ripped off?

Since it's gonna be our 50th Independence Day on 31st August 2007, I'd like to tell you guys that our national anthem is a ripped off from a song with the title Mamula Moon..

Don't believe? check out the video below :-

ps: Malaysia Boleh!!!


Anonymous said...

isn't it the 31st of August?

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i'm NOT very patriotic, huh? muahahaha :p~

i'll edit it now.. hehe

Alvin Yeap said...

haha, yes.. negaraku's music was taken from a song called Mamula Moon. I have that song somewhere.. LOL, Nicole.. im not being evil ler, i just enjoy my desserts :P

lovegoddess said...

this is really enlightening Nic!!

seriously i didn't know about the national anthem rip off !

Malaysia selalu boleh !!