Monday, August 27, 2007


While i was driving just now, i heard a radio ad.. this time from FlyFm.. i thought i won't be updating my blog BUT i HAVE to blog about this radio commercial..

It's a commercial by iTalk Buddy.. it says that it's VERY popular to IM (Instant Message) someone, so most of the time we might convey our message wrongly.. we might sound rude even though we think it's not.. coz it's hard to express our feelings with words.. the other person might mis-interpret what we are saying..

SO, the solution is to add words like 'please' or to add emoticons OR..... add 'LAH' to the end of your sentence!!

WTF!! i mean why encourage others to use 'lah'? the word 'lah' doesn't exist in Oxford dictionary.. what if we chat with people abroad? will they understand?? the english standard in Malaysia is quite bad.. okay okay.. not as bad as other countries BUT still!!

Do you know how the younger generation now spell?

school = skull
tomorrow = tomolo
already = alredi
want = wan
didn't = din
the = de

*slap on my forehead*

Whatever LAH!!


Horny Ang Moh said...

Yallo! My english very bad wan so I try to learn through blogging. But untill now still haven't use KNNCCB in my post yet! Have a nice day!

Purple~MushRooM said...

So, your BB is back already?

Anonymous said...

urghh ... I cringe when I hear manglish on the radio.

That and the fake aussie accent too. I hate Malaysian radio ...

Anonymous said...

"lah" is an identity - dont see an issue with that

lovegoddess said...

i'd say be versatile, use 'lah' depending who you speak with.

oh dear..its only second day of the week ! can't wait for merderka holiday laaaaaaa !

Bosstrain said...

I seconded emax on this. "lah" is malaysian,its an identity.IMHO,of course by using manglish is bad,but only to whom who dont understand our culture.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

it's okay IF u know the difference between proper english and manglish.. but some of the younger generation now, even on their test paper they spell short form or use manglish.. eg: me going to skull later lah