Thursday, August 23, 2007

~ coming home ~

"I'm sorry my sweetheart.. you've got to leave.. you can't stay with me in my room.. my bb will be coming home soon.. my room and my bed are too small to accommodate both of you.. you had my attention and love for almost 2 months.. now it's time for me to return to my hubby.. it was nice to be able to sleep with you, wake up together with you in the morning and hearing your lil snores BUT i just can't have you here.. i love you too.. you know that, right? i've fallen for you ever since i laid my eyes on you.. i hope you'd understand my situation.. i'd try to see if i can have both of you in my room but if not, i hope i can have you back in my room when my bb goes back to work next time.. okay? it'd be a lil secret between you and me *muacks*"

Before you think i'm cheating on my bb, i'd like to say that the one i'm referring above is...... BOBOIE!! hahaha.. i guess you really thought i was cheating, huh? *eyes rolling*

!! my bb is FINALLY coming home.. he'd be flying off from trinidad in like 10 hours.. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and he'd be back by saturday :) now, i hope the beast is ready to be driven.. i know i AM ready to 'ride'.. erm.. i mean to have a ride in the beast *blushing*

Anyway bb, i hope you'd have a safe and a pleasant journey back home.. i can't wait to see you on saturday and to kiss you.. do you know that the kisses that we had everytime when i come to pick you up, it's like our 1st kiss? at least to me :)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

ps: bb if you see any krispy kreme or bling H2O, please get it for me *muacks muacks* oh no!! would i have time to get ready myself?? gotta go on a crash diet and for a manicure


Russ said...

Boboie has been very notty ah??

Grr.... :P

lovegoddess said...

ohh how sweet...slumber off with boboie :) its such a cute experience right?

i like to sleep with my two babies too but the moment they start kissing my face, i'd lock them back in the cage !

lovegoddess said...
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:: Nicole.F :: said...

bb, u're not coming home!!! :'( why did the stupid agent forgot your passport??? now u gotta wait for another flight $*!@(#!)$*!#~*(&*