Friday, August 17, 2007

~ the awakening ~

At last... after 10 months of waiting, finally the beast is ready to roll!! yeap! but too bad my bb isn't online today :( coz i want to tell him the good news *sigh*

Anyway, the beast have to be kept under 3,000 rpm for the run-in.. whoever who dares to smoke my bb after he gets his beast, i'm VERY sure he/she would regret later >.< only I, his wife can smoke the beast... with my spectra!! muahahaha!!!


Russ said...

Awww... thanx for letting me know bebee.. the beast is alive! Yay! Muacks!

Anonymous said...

oooo , it sounds like the end of the wolrdd like that ... :(

:: Nicole.F :: said...

so bb, can i get a ride in your car? ;)

jason: muahahaha! :p~

lovegoddess said...

russ's hands and heart must be itching to taste his beast !

come home soon bro !!

Nic and the Beast miss you tons!