Thursday, August 16, 2007


"A friend is someone who may often demonstrate reciprocating and reflective behaviors. Friends will welcome each other's company and exhibit loyalty towards each other, often to the point of altruism. Yet for many, friendship is nothing more than the trust that someone or something will not harm them"

Ever since i was younger, i didn't have much friends.. maybe becoz i'm the only child, shy and reserved to myself only.. as time passes by, i've made friends with quite alot of people BUT only a few of them would be sincere and true.. even i've been betrayed by so-called friends, i still never learnt from it.. i'm just too naive and straight forward.. i trust people easily which makes me an easy target.. i'm often being used and i won't realize it til much much later.. and now, i only have a handful of friends.. REAL friends..

I'm very blessed that i still have my ex-schoolmates (alice, adrienne, ivy, mei leng, natalie).. we've been friends like forever.. also i have my new found friends.. thanks lovegoddess for calling me once awhile to check how i'm doing even i don't (i'm more to sms).. thanks tony for always helping me to re-install my windows on my macBook.. haha.. (hey, i'm using mac now to write this post).. AND many thanks to my readers who either read my post or comment on it.. i wish i could meet up with ALL of you guys..

Last but not least, i found my soulmate.. someone who would be there for me when i want to pour out my most inner feelings and thoughts.. thanks bb for being there for me when i need you *muacks* i know i can count on you and your shoulder will always be there for me when i want to cry :)

When i started this blog, i just want to write.. about stuff and also a place for me to rant/make fun/share things.. didn't know i'd make friends here.. i'm the type of person who doesn't judge people.. who would accept them for who they are.. who would be sincere with the friendships i have.. and afraid of losing friends.. coz good friends are hard to find..

I'm really blessed to have friends who doesn't judge me too.. i know they're really happy for me.. that i married a good guy, a good marriage, having a no-stress-life and etc.. i really appreciate it :) unlike some people, they'd be jealous and all..

For those who doesn't know me, i'm sure you'd be quick to judge me.. maybe you think that i'm such a snob, ditzy, arrogant, spoilt girl BUT i do not care!! i USED to care but i've realize that i can't go around trying to make people change their mind and to take to heart about all the negatives things that people say about me.. i'm tired of pleasing people.. i know that only my true friends and those who are sincere enough to know me with an open heart, they would know the REAL me..

Thank you for the friendship y'all :) i love you all

ps: to whoever who wants to criticize me, i'm letting you do it now.. speak now OR forever hold your peace! TQ


Adrianne said...

Awww...such a sentimental post.
I made a lot of great friends back in my high school days but unfortunately some of these friendships didn't last, maybe due to the fact that we all grew up to chase our own destinies and along the way we might have crossed over each other's boundaries.
But I cherish all the friends that I have now and even more so, the friends that have stayed by me through the years till today.

Anonymous said...

awww.....*teary eyes*... thanks for ur friendship means a lot to me. friends forever ya...


Russ said...

Wow baby, such a touching post... I will always be there for u baby, my wife for a long long long time.. :)

Alice, ur a good friend and that is hard to find.. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....its nice knowing u also nic...but how to put it, we all stand by ur if there is anything, u can rely on us and Russ ^_^

lovegoddess said...

aaawww...nic i'm so TOUCHED you mentioned me as one of you true friends. thanks a million from the very deep end of my heart !

its an honour knowing you nic, you're a nice girl, thoughful, transparent and honest. while its good to be honest and straighforward, but don't give it to unworthy peeps, they'll often step on your head

love you girl and miss you loads..sowee i havent have time yet for doggie outin..will find my time for ya' babe