Tuesday, August 21, 2007

how true?

Does anyone watch the Astro Channel WLT HK tv series at 8.30pm every weekdays? it really makes me wonder.. what about? about how true the tv series title ‘It’s not easy being a woman’..

Okay, let me tell you guys..

When we're young, we girls are often protected by our parents.. from what? from psycho guys @ rapist.. and when we reach teenagers stage, we're afraid of losing our virginity to the wrong guy and how guys take advantage of us..

Everyone of us had passed this stage before.. a stage where we trusted guys for what they say.. when they promise us the moon and the stars.. that they would take care of us no matter what.. that they'd marry us and live a happy life.. i'm not afraid to say that yes, i've been betrayed that trust.. my trust to my 2nd ex-bf.. that he'd be loyal.. but sadly, with all the mysterious phone calls and sms AND all the clubbing nights, made me have doubts..

Guys, do you really think that we, girls are THAT stupid? you think we d
o not know what's going on? we don't ask, it doesn't mean that we don't know.. yea, you might say we're silly for not confronting BUT in order to save a relationship, it's better to pretend that we don't know.. we also have a 'red' button.. once you pressed it, that's it.. we'd be out of your life.. that's what i did.. i walked out from my 2nd ex-bf's life when i caught him red-handed at home with another girl AND also when he asked me to leave before he calls the security guards..

When we're in our 20s, it's our prime time.. a time when we can
be proud of.. we'd have the body and looks to match.. we can wear anything or eat anything we want.. we can have guys on our feet! coz we have the youth.. but we still want to look younger and fairer by using those facial stuff, mask, exercise, diet and etc..

Okay, when we grow up we'd be more mature.. in office, we've to compete with guys in the corporate ladder.. and we got married, we've to juggle between career, family, kids and husband.. do you think it's an easy task? not to mention the 9 months pregnancy and the labour pain that we've to endure.. what about the countless times of waking in the wee hours to feed the baby? the cleaning and tutoring.. also the P
MS that we have to go through every month until menopause..

As we reach our late 30s, we'd start to worry.. about our appearance.. we scared that our husband would look for a more prettier and younger girl.. we'd have competition! that's why we go for botox to smoothen out the wrinkles, to do face lift so that we'd look younger, to go on diet, exercise more, eat more healthy food and etc.. th
at's part of the reason why we'd do things, to keep our man!

So tell me, isn't it true that it's hard to be a woman? try to fill into our shoes.. do you still think that we don't know? those late night online, those phone calls and sms, those 'business' trips, those night 'meetings' and etc.. you better think again..

I may look like this now :-

But i'd grow old eventually.. i'd be more and more insecure about myself.. even i do trust my hubby completely, but i still can't trust girls out there.. some of them will be willing to anything to break up a relationship, a marriage or to just get a guy..

To me, it's just so hard to be a woman *sigh*

ps: am i watching too much tv series?? :p~


Anonymous said...

hey , there are many advantages of being a woman . like you can twist men around your finger, and manipulate them ..

Anonymous said...

Nic, your nose does look a little red. You're not sick I hope.

Little Miss Curious said...

Got to agree with Jason on this one. Women have an upper-hand when it comes to controlling men through our sexuality. Look at MTV, JimTV and whatever music channels there are.

Little Miss Curious said...

Nic: Nice hairstyle

:: Nicole.F :: said...

yea.. we can use our sexuality.. once we lost that sex appeal as we grow older? then what happened? that's y women tend to keep themselves as young as possible.. no sagging skin or what-so-ever

anita: do u see late 30s women dancing, shaking their booty n etc on mtv? those are all young girls.. but overall, i'm saying it's hard to be a woman.. to me at least.. and thanks for the compliment! :)

Anonymous said...

and also, men seems to think our 6th sens is rubbish, while 99% of the time our 6th sense is very accurate.

Little Miss Curious said...

No,it isn't common to find women in their late 30s on MTV and the likes of it,but they are in other places doing the very same thing. My point is: Yes, women go through alot (physically, emotionally, etc.) but I have to say men have their share of problems and difficulties as well. Both genders have their own share of difficulties.

And again, referring to Jason's comment and the previous comment by an anonymous, there are advantages in being a woman. Likewise, there are advantages in being a man.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

hmmm.. okay.. i don't want to start a debate about it :p so overall, it's hard to be either man or woman :)

Jason Ong said...

Hi! Nic! Dun worry when you're old. Exterior beauty is not that important but the inner is the most important. I'm sure Russ will understand that. So u should have more confident in him. By the way the 8.30 show in WLT is it called "Drive of Life" My favorite drama at the moment.

:: Nicole.F :: said...

jason: Drive of Life is on astro by demand lah.. not WLT.. it's channel 901 or 902 right? WLT is channel 30..

haha, yea.. i know i can always count on my bb :) if he really thinks that the physical beauty is more important than inner beauty, then he won't marry me!! :p~

Russ said...

I think ur watching waaaayyyy too much tv bebee, u even know what channel is 901, 902 & 30?? seesh...