Sunday, August 26, 2007


I know it's been awhile since i last updated my blog.. i've been busy these few days! heheh.. yea.. busy shopping, watching movie and waiting for my bb to come home..

Anyway here's a quick update of what i did for the past few days :-

23rd Aug
Drove all the way to the workshop with my aunty at sunway to pass the AeroCatch (hood lock to hold down the carbon fibre hood when my bb is doing high speed) to desmond for the
'beast'.. then we went to Jack's Place, 1Utama for our lunch.. here are some pics :-

The Menu

My aunty's fish & chips

My grilled kurau fish with
watercress sauce

For more pictures, please click here

24th Aug
Went to Times Square with my aunty demi to watch :-

Ratatouille: Rat-a-too-ee

25th Aug
Shopping with my aunty demi and grandma at Midvalley.. bought a top at Zara and i just love these from Zara as well (but it's too pricy) :-

Today, 26th Aug
Stayed at home and cooked dinner.. managed to cook up 2 dishes :)

Fried vege and...

Fried prawns :)

My dinner with 2 of my fav dishes

I'm so excited that my bb is FINALLY on his way home!! no more having dinner alone, no more sleeping alone on my BIG bed, no more driving for me, no more taking shower alone and etc.. as i'm typing now, he's on a plane heading from LA to Hong Kong.. the journey is about 14 hours.. my poor bb.. hope he could get some rest :)

I gotta say that i won't be updating my blog as frequent.. hope you guys would understand :) and oh, dinner at dave's this week? how about this coming thursday?


Adrianne said...

Bet you must be really anxious and excited. Hehe...have fun!

lovegoddess said...

wahh...looking at the fried vege alone me drool dy simply bcuz i LOVE LOVE LOVE veges !!!!

i love simple meals like the vege and shrimp you cooked. usually 7days a week, i eat like that

nice red shoes you've got there nic! me hv been lookg for a black and red shoes but not much luck finding the ones i like!

:: Nicole.F :: said...

lovegoddess: i like the red shoe/heels BUT it's rm299.. think russ would faint if i buy that..

anyway, he did promise me a Choo.. so am heading to KLCC when he's back. .to check out the Jimmy Choo outlet! :)

adrianne: i can't sleep tonight!! i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited/anxious.. but i gotta wake up early tmrw to pay for russ's car insurance and pick him up from the airport.. heheh.. oh oh, these few days i've been thinking of what to wear when i pick him up *grinning*

Adrianne said...

Wear a pretty summer dress so you guys can drop by Port Dickson for a short getaway and make out by the beach. Hehehee

:: Nicole.F :: said...

might as well wear a bikini top and shorts :p~

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..299 as compared to a choo which is around 500usd? hahaha

jacks place sounds more tempting then daves...wat do u think?