Wednesday, August 15, 2007

one year?

It's NEVER too late to start thinking of what to post next on my blog BUT this time, it's NOT hard at all.. i know it's abit too early to start typing out my next post coz it's only 15th Aug 07, 12.55am here..

Exactly one (1) year ago, at about 9.30pm, 15th Aug 06.. i was sitting at home waiting for a 'guy' to come over to my place to take me out for dinner.. 'he' drove ALL the way from Penang to KL to meet me for the very first time.. i could recall back how i felt at that particular night..

I was watching tv then with my mum.. the 'guy' called and told me he's at Avenue K which is just opposite KLCC.. i quickly got ready.. i changed to my pink-ish shorts and a dark brown tank top.. when the 'guy' finally arrived, i wore my slipper, took my mobile, my cash, my Identity Card (IC) and my hair clip..

When i got into 'his' car, 'he' introduced 'himself' and shook my hand.. it was quite dark SO i didn't get to take a good look at 'him'.. 'he' asked me where do i want to have dinner and i told 'him' it's up to 'him'.. 'he' also asked me if there's any petrol station nearby my place AND i showed him to the nearest Esso station.. 'he' got out from the car AND finally i had a good look at 'him'! :) my heart skipped a beat and 'OMG! he's freaking good looking'.. that was what went in my lil head..

We went to Out of Africa and we had our dinner there.. after 'he' parked his car, we walked to the restaurant.. i was walking in front of 'him' AND i swear i know that 'he' must be checking out my arse.. haha.. overall, we had a nice dinner.. but we can't finished the food as we were OVER hungry OR maybe coz butterflies were in my tummy *blushing* throughout the dinner, 'he' told me how beautiful i am AND i kept on blushing *blushing*

As we walked out from the restaurant, i ONLY noticed how tall 'he' is! i felt like a midget.. haha.. after dinner, 'he' took me for a ride in his car.. after that 'he' sent me home.. 'he' told me he got something for me and 'he' popped open his boot.. 'he' gave me some car mags to read and also a small lil candle gift 'he' got for me from Thailand.. 'he' apologize of the small cheapo gift BUT i told 'him', 'it's the thought that counts' :)

We said goodbye and good night.. before 'he' left, 'he' bent down and gave me a kiss on my cheek!! :) i was in heaven.. i didn't wanted the night to end BUT i know it had to :( but in like half an hour later, i got a call from 'him'!! 'he' was looking for a place to stay and 'he' had tried so many hotels BUT all of it were FULLY booked.. i knew at that time 'he' was interested in me :)

Finally 'he' settled for a place at Flamingo Hotel which is only 10mins away from my place.. haha.. we continued to chat after 'he' took a shower.. then at 6.23am, i got a sms which i'd NEVER EVER forget.. yeap, the confession.. it says "I think i'm falling in love with u. Crazy huh?"

*speechless + tossing and turning on my bed + waiting for the next day to come for the 2nd date*

ps: happy 1st year anniversary :) of us meeting for the 1st time a year ago.. you know who you are :) and i love you so much.. i'd never forget our 1st dinner date *muacks*


Purple~MushRooM said...

WOW!!! Ok.. i have a question to ask you. Obviously, it's love at first sight. But before that, did you thought of the danger of going out with someone you do not know at that time? And it's at night wor... ain't you afraid??

:: Nicole.F :: said...

purple~mushroom: yea i was afraid but then.. i don't know.. think i trusted 'him'.. i follow my heart.. didn't thought of that also :p~

Russ said...

No lah Purple, Nic is missleading u, and also a lot of people reading this post. When I read it first, it seems like its the first time we met, like complete strangers, but we're not. I already knew Nic a while online, and on car forums. Then we started messaging each other, then we went on to emails. After that we started chatting on the phone. I felt I knew Nic very well, and I was very fond of her. I knew that she would be the same sweet girl in real life as the one I was communicating with on emails as on the phone, so we decided to meet. And that was it, as u say, love at first sight. ;)

Thanks baby for the post.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...thats so sweet!

Anonymous said...

somebody call oprah ...

I'm just kidding :P

It's a really sweet post and funny how you remember all the little details ! congrats on the 1-year anniversary ^_^

:: Nicole.F :: said...

i'm not misleading.. it WAS the first time we met in person.. my post is about our 1st date.. not about first time knowing each other lah..

lovegoddess said...

happy anniversary to Russ and Nic ;) !!

may the coming years be filled with lotsa laughter, good health and $$$$$$ for you guys !

this post really remind me of my days of butterflies in stomach !

Russ said...

oh, okay.. anyway thanks a lot bebee.. maybe u should hear my version.. and find out if I was checking out ur ass or not!



Anonymous said...

happy anniversary guys! stay sweet n loving forever :)


Anonymous said...

wow!! how romantic..~~~ i wish i can meet a caring and loving and loyal guy too! and I sincerely wish u and Russ happy all the time and get a baby!! quick! :P hehehe...

Anonymous said...

As you have blocked the comments on the Pose topic, which you and your husband have resolved by replying each others

Anyway im a chinese girl too and hope that you will not make fun of the girls who try to do whtever they wish, your a chinese adding Russell Westwood to your name and ur huband working overseas you dont become WHITE OR AN AMERICAN..HELLOOOOO

:: Nicole.F :: said...

anon: i've NEVER EVER refer myself as white.. and my hubby loves me for being chinese.. i'm NOT making fun of those poses.. can u read it again? i was just asking why do most ppl would want to put up all those pose? is it really that cute??

i'm NOT condemming chinese.. hello??? can u read?? or do u understand what my post was all about? what has the pose got to do with chinese???!!! *eyes rolling*

:: Nicole.F :: said...

IF i'm insulting those girls, i'd be a bitch.. bitching about it and REALLY make fun of it.. but all i said was 'i seriously would want to know why girls nowadays would pose like a kid in their pictures?'.. which of the part of THAT sentence think that i'm insulting them???

and i took those pics with those poses coz i'd want to let ppl see how i'd look with all those trendy poses..

why not u go elsewhere to complain at some blogs where bloggers REALLY insult other ppl??