Sunday, August 19, 2007

car show?

Today, 18th Aug is my cousin's b'day.. i just want to wish him 'Happy B'day!!!' :)

Anyway, i was not there to celebrate with him as i was out.. heheh.. i had Carl's Jr. again BUT this time was with tony.. seriously, the burger and fries can last me for 1 whole day!! after eating, me and tony went to a charity car show at monash, sunway.. the entry was just RM5.. we arrived there quite early so there was not many cars..

But i managed to spot some familiar cars there.. and i also took some pics :-

Kenny putting a sticker to his precious 5 series

This belongs to a very young guy.. envy, huh?

A BMW with a RB
engine.. german car with a jap engine

Bling-bling! :) i want some too!!!!

Thanks tony, for picking me up, going to the car show with me and sending me back home.. not to mention the petrol you used :p~

ps: for more pictures, click here


Russ said...

Nice pics baby, thanks for taking them. Now, for the KL AutoSalon, you can be the photographer while I 'look' at other 'stuff'... hehehehe :P

:: Nicole.F :: said...


look at other 'stuff'?? u mean girls??

Anonymous said...

Aiyah small thing only ^_^ bila u mau balik Russ ? "IF" u are looking at any nice curve stuff, call me ya...

lovegoddess said...

too bad i missed it ! had other plans dy..

missed the chance of posing sexehh on the hot wheelz !!

but thanks for inviting me to come along girl ;) :)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

tony: anyhow, thanks for everything :)

lovegoddess: the car show was just so-so.. nothing great BUT i hope u'd come for the KL autosalon at Mines in sept :)