Sunday, December 31, 2006

good quality?

At last i could use my laptop to online :) i'm blogging now on my comfy bed in my room with my air-cond on.. hehe.. so today i was 'exploring' my new macBook and i tried the built-in camera..

Below are a few pictures.. yea yea, i was cam-whoring :p~

Okay, so how does it look? i mean the quality.. not me.. lol..

See, i'm on my bed :) ok ok, enough of cam-whoring :p~

Saturday, December 30, 2006

2 weeks more?

I can't believe that my baby had been gone for a month (4 weeks) now.. on 29th Nov 2006, i sent him off at KL Sentral.. that was the last time i hugged and kissed my baby.. i really really really miss him so much.. he told me that there's a crew change every 6 weeks.. so i hope he'd be back in 2 weeks time.. i miss looking into his eyes and telling him how much i love him, how much he means to me and how happy i am to be married to him.. i miss being in his arms while we sleep.. i miss everything about him..

Baby, come back to me soon *muacks* i need your hugs and kisses

Friday, December 29, 2006

a late christmas present?

Yippie!! i got another christmas present from my hubby.. hehe.. who else? :p~ finally i got my macBook.. thanks tony, for installing adobe, Windows and other software for me.. now, i can photoshop my pictures :p~

Here's some shots of my brand new macBook :-

This is the box.. and what's inside? let's take a peek.. hehe..

This is what's inside.. a charger with the US plug, local plug AND an extension local plug

And this is the apple remote :) cool, eh?

It weighs 2.36 kg and the size is 12.78 by 8.92 by 1.08 inches.. it has a 13.3 inch (diagonal) TFT widescreen display with 1280 by 800 pixels.. oh yea, it's BLACK instead of the typical white.. and i got 20GB for Windows and 100GB for OS

What do you think of the keypad? too bad, there's no backlight for it :(

A close up.. of '"MacBook"

Want to know the specs for this macBook? scroll down then :)

- 2.0GHz Intel 2 Duo processor
- 1GB (two 512MB SO-DIMMs) of DDR2 SDRAM; supports up to 2GB
- 120GB 5400-rpm hard drive
- Intel GMA 950 graphics processor with 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory
- Built-in iSight video camera
- Slot-loading 6x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD+RW/CD-RW)
- 1 FirwWire 400 port; 2 USB 2.0 ports
- Optical digital audio input/headphone out, built-in stereo speakers
- Mini-DVI port for DVI, VGA, composite and S-video
- Built-in Ethernet
- Built-in Airport Extreme wireless
- Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

All this comes with a price of RM 5,999.. well, my baby did ask me why i didn't choose the macBook Pro but to me, i don't think i need that.. as i want a laptop which i can go online with and do some 'light' work.. and oh, i don't play games.. so this macBook is good enough for me! :) last but not least, i've to thank my baby.. for THIS..

p/s: pssssst, i'm selling off my 7 years old Apple Power Mac G4.. click here for the specs.. anyone interested, leave me a msg.. thanks!~ :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

streamyx sucks?

Indeed it sucks BIG time.. i've been trying to go online since 7am ish this morning.. what did i get? i get to connect to the internet BUT i can't log on to MSN, my yahoo mail and my friendster! WTF! i tried and tried after that.. in the afternoon, in the evening and fianlly now, i can log on.. there was a time where i can't even established a connection at all for at least 1 hour! sigh..... all i want to say is 'Streamyx SUCKS'!!

love hurts?

What is love? can anyone define the word L-O-V-E? this is what i got when i googled "LOVE".. love is just so complicated to some people and also it could be so simple to others.. if you love someone, just tell them, be happy with them, be loyal, accept who they really are and learn to give and take.. why do some people like to complicate it?

Love also hurts.. it could hurt so much til some people could commit suicide for it.. some people could go into depression and have to go for a psychiatrist.. BUT love also could do many wonders.. people who are in love would be happy all the time, no arguements / fighting / wars, eat alot and gain weight and etc.. so, is LOVE evil? it depends on how you see it..

There's a fine line between love and hate.. is that true? if you hate someone, it means you love someone and vice versa.. can anyone correct me if what i just said is wrong?
some people just won't let go of the past.. they still hate their ex who had left them.. why? is it because they still love them?

Hating someone is very exhausting.. i used to hate my ex, darren coz he cheated on me.. but then i forgive and forget him.. it's a good thing he cheated.. from the good point of view despite of all the sadness i went through.. coz if not, i won't be where i am today :) i won't be Mrs Westwood now and happily married *BIG grin*

Monday, December 25, 2006

another blog for me to read?

Awwwww... my baby finally got himself a blog! wohooooooo!~ now i have one more blog to read everyday.. hehe.. but i've to thank him for dedicating the 1st post to me..

So, if anyone wants to know about my baby, about his thoughts, about his work, about us, about the BEAST, about our future rides and most importantly, the reason why my baby chose me.....pls click here.. below is the small preview of his blog :-

Hehehe.. it's the same template as mine but in different color.. mine is green-ish while his is blue-ish.. hope you'd enjoy reading both of our blogs :)

how was your Christmas eve?

My Christmas eve, i spent it with my family at 1Utama.. we arrived there around 1pm ish and we only went home about 2am ish.. yea.. almost 12 hours, man.. lol.. it was the longest time i've EVER spent in a shopping mall and the parking costed me RM 17! how i wished i have the credit card so that i could park at the VIP for RM 8 for the whole day! btw, the traffic was horrendous.. outside 1U AND inside 1U.. i went in from the new wing and was directed all the way to the new office building! imagine! so blardy far away.. anyhow, we finally able to find some parking spaces..

Throughout the 12 hours in 1U, we shoped, had lunch, had dinner, had drinks, rested and watched a movie.. my aunty bought 2 tops while i bought a top from Esprit and a pair of sandals from Vincci.. the shops were packed with people and i had to queue to try on clothes, paying and even to the washroom! we managed to catch a movie.. luckily i booked the movie 2 days earlier.. if not, we won't be able to watch it.. we watched the midnight show.. i chose :-

'Confession of Pain' as Tony Leung is my fav actor! :) for the storyline, pls click here..

So, that's how i spent my Christmas eve.. just a day with my family.. think my Christmas eve sucked compare to those who party all night long and got drunk :p~
how i wished my hubby was there with me... baby, where are you??? i miss you..............

Saturday, December 23, 2006

what the....?

Biatches! i thought only girls could be such a pain-in-the-ass biatch but it seems like guys also could be that too.. guys girls, are all the same.. oh well, human is still human after all.. some people are just so fake.. FAKE as in plastic.. i guess we're living in such a plastic world where nothing is real.. friendships, relationships, your freaking boobs, your freaking smile and your freaking words.. some people ARE nice AND polite in front of you but at your back, they just back stab you.. i've been through that in school, college but luckily not at work (maybe at work too).. i just think that those people are just soooooooooooo immature.. they bad mouth you just so they'd make themselves look great.. they're such good actors and i do pity them living in their own lil planet and making themselves looking good only by making others looking bad.. *teary eye... NOT!* so pathetic!! grow up *eyes rolling* or at least, act your own age.. biatch!

I mean why the hell would you go 'we can still be friends'? or smile and shook your enemy's hand? if you freaking hate that person, just walkaway, ignore, give a wicked wicked look or maybe if you have the guts/ballz, tell him/her straight to their face to just 'FUCK OFF!'.. just 2 words.. easy then, that person would know what to do.. hmmm, or maybe you just got NO ballz at all?! LOL! just wondering, why would you try to be nice to them?
oh yea, i forgot.. it's coz you're a FAKIE!! to make them think that you're such a nice person but actually you're such an ASS.. am sure they'd be nice to you as well.. i know me and my hubby would be that.. if people are nice to us, we'd be nice to them.. we won't doubt or think that there's something 'fishy' going on behind your words or action.. or that you don't mean a single thing you did or said.. we'd never want any trouble with other people.. maybe we're just too nice? i don't know.. we just want peace, y'all.. Christmas is around the corner.. so let us make peace..

-peace out-

p/s: no matter what, there'd still be some rotten 'apples' out there.. "do not judge a book by its cover".. that is SO TRUE!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


It's been been a long time since i fell sick.. sorry ppl (readers), i won't be updating my blog for awhile.. but do come back to check it once awhile and it'd be up and running as usual when i'm better.. thanks!~ :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

nice bodykit?

At last i found a website which they sell Kia performance stuffs.. yea yea, i'm just driving a Kia.. sigh... i don't want to put on any turbo kit or change suspension but just want to add a nice bodykit.. the Novus's bodykit is just too common around here..

So, i found something nice and un-common but i've seen one around (i think) :-

This is the front bumper.. too bad i don't have a big ass intercooler.. it'd look M-E-A-N.. lol!

I like the back AND the spoiler :)

Should i add those? hmmmm... if i'm gonna change car, why would i want to waste money on the bodykit? *considering*

Sunday, December 17, 2006

are diamonds really a girl's best friend?

YUP!! definately!!! diamonds ARE a girl's best friend!! although it's expensive BUT there's a value.. and they sparkle... ahhhh.... so pretty... and and.. it's FOREVER LASTING.. as yesterday i was at Dome's, i browsed through a Melium mag and found this designer website.. have anyone heard of Mauboussin? check it out then :)

I found a few items which i think it's pretty :-

Is this ring pretty? i think it is.. the diamond in the middle comes in 3 sizes (small, medium & large)

And this is the earring.. i like the design.. looks like a butterfly.. er.. maybe a flower, perhaps?

Lastly, this is the pendant.. complete 1 set! :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

should i get it?

Hmmmm... i've been wondering for a long long time since my hubby got his new phone at KLCC.. to get or not to get.. should i get the exact same phone as my hubby? so that it'd be a couple's phone.. or maybe i should get a white one while he's using the black one? hmmmmmmmmmmm....

Oh yea, in case some of you who doesn't know what phone my hubby is using..

Ta dah! a Black Chocolate.. should i get the black or....

a Pink choc or a White choc or a Wine choc?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the bodyshop?

I forgot when i started to like the bodyshop products but i do like the fragrances they have there.. even my aunty loves it!

As for me, i do have
a few products :-

This is the moonflower.. it's kinda strong the fragrance and it smells like jasmine.. i got a BIG bottle for my mum :)

As for this, it's spring orchid.. of course it smells like orchid.. this is my fav fragrances of them all.. and it's special edition.. only available in 30ml.. ~personal recommendation~

I seldom use this but i think every girl needs this.. hehe.. Vitamin E, hand and nail treatment.. apply it and voila! your hand becomes softer and smoother while your nails becomes er... stronger?

Lips dry? no problemo!~ this is the strawberry lip balm.. it taste yummy too.. gotta get my baby to taste it.. hehe..

I kinda psycho my aunty into bod
yshop products a few years back.. so, she too bought a few products :-

Oceanus is the 1st ever fragrance my aunty bought from bodyshop.. nikie, was using it back in college and i just love it so i told my aunty about it.. til now, she still loves this fragrance as i just got it for her as christmas present.. she chose it and i paid! hehe..

The 2nd fragrance she bought was chymara.. it smells sweet..

What can i say about beleaf? er.. i think it's refreashing!

Last but not least, she got this activist for my uncle as well.. but then it's been out of stock for a loooooooong time.. don't think they'd sell it again.. too bad..

Sunday, December 10, 2006

the new zinger burger?

At last today, i got a chance to taste the new Zinger burger from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) but too bad my hubby isn't here to eat it with me.. hehe.. my poor baby.. anyway, my burger was my dinner and also my 1st meal of the day! hehe.. 1 meal per day for me is enough :)

What's the difference between the old Zinger burger and the new Zinger burger (Zinger Maxx)? let's see the difference, shall we? :-

This is the box of the Zinger Maxx

And this is it! the Zinger Maxx.. well, the difference is there's an extra
piece of cheese in the burger and a different type of burger bread..

My 1st meal and the only meal for today.. a Zinger Maxx, a regular whipped potato and wedges.. *yummy* baby, i bet you miss all this, right? hehe..

p/s: Happy 1 month Anniversary for our marriage :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

how high is too high?

As usual i went shopping.. AGAIN!! i think i have stiletto fetish.. LOL... i just love buying stiletto.. when i was much much younger, i just love to walk in my aunty's heels.. hehe.. practice makes perfect.. i know stiletto is bad for health but... what the hell.. it makes us, girls look better and makes me taller.. so i won't look short when i stand next to my hubby :p

I went to Sg. Wang with my aunty and
grandma today.. the first thing i bought is this:-

The 4 inch green-ish stiletto from Vincci :)

Then i bought a Christmas card for my in-laws.. gonna mail it to them next week.. this is how it looks like :-

Do you think they'd like it? i hope they would :)

The next thing i got was for my hubby.. since he lost his earring, i got him 2 new ones!

Here's the 1st one which is black-ish and the second one...

is silver-ish.. i hope my baby will like it :)

Hmmmm.. i hope my baby doesn't think i spent too much :p

Thursday, December 07, 2006

how much cheaper?

Finally, i've to reload my mobile prepaid just merely 3 weeks after my hubby reloaded (RM 100) for me before he left to US for work.. i've been using my mobile to call and sms my hubby since he left.. at least it's better now since i can sms, call, email, chat with him on gmail AND skype compare to the previous time when he was in thailand working.. but all this comes with a price! hehe.. the calling rate from my mobile (M'sia) to his mobile (US) is about RM 1 per min AND the sms rate is RM 0.20 per sms..

So what i do now, is that i got myself a IDD calling card :) i got a RM 30 calling card from Digi.. i checked the rate.. it's only RM 0.15 per min! it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than calling from my mobile but the downside is everytime when i want to use the card to call, i've to enter the 15 digits loooooooooooong PIN number from the calling card.. sigh..

This is how the card looks like :-

This is the RM 30 IDD/STD calling card from Digi

Before i can use it, i've to scratch the back to reveal the PIN number.. duh~ :p~

So, by having this calling card i can chat with my hubby for as long as 3 hours!! but i guess he won't be THAT free though.. hehe.. but anyhow, i'm still happy that i'm able to hear his voice even he's half way around the world :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

another present?

Awwwww... i'm so lucky!! :) today, i got another present.. hehe.. this time it's from my aunty :) it's my Christmas present!!

Okay okay,
here's some pictures of my pressie :-

Here's the box.. yeap, it's DKNY :)

Can you see what it is?

Yeap! it's a watch :)

It's actually brown-ish color.. it comes with 3 different colors (brown-ish, black-ish and silver-ish)

And there's a teeny weeny small lil diamond.. notice that? :)

Today. i managed to try one a new piece of clothing from Wh, 1Utama while shopping with my aunt.. as usual, here's the picture :-

It's a black cocktail dress and it's RM 129.. i didn't buy it coz i don't think it's worth it as it's just er... er.. too plain.. haha~

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

isn't it lovely?

It's been a while since i found out that Sarah Jessica Parker came out with a perfume called "Lovely".. she was on Oprah show talking about her new perfume and her life.. i really wanted to find out how does it smells like..

At last, on sunday as i was at Midvalley with my aunty, i found the perfume! this is how it looks like :-

Isn't this lovely? it smells nice too.. it's really lovely AND sweet :)

Hehe.. it IS indeed lovely.. the 50ml cost less than RM 200 and the 100ml cost RM 250.. i don't know if i should buy it since i've quite a few bottles of perfumes in my cupboard.. let's see what my baby says.. keke..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

shopping again?

*Phew!* at last i got my blog up and running again :) this time i've changed the template.. what do you think? better? hehe..

Today, i went shopping again.. with my aunty at Midvalley.. i planned to stay at home today actually but when my baby told me that we can voice chat over the internet using skype, i went out to get the headphone with a built in microphone right away.. first we had McD, then we went to a computer store.. the shopping mall was crowded.. man, it was just crazy.. it's just coz christmas is around the corner and the year end sale is going on..

It was so hard fo me to find a parking and when i finally did found one, someone tried to take it from me! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ i put my car signal and was waiting for the car to come out then there was this airtrek, just went in straight away! i honked him all the way.. i was like WT
F! don't bully me coz i'm a girl.. i stopped right behind his car told my aunty to talk to him.. the guy was resisted to give me the parking.. but in the end, he gave way.. if he didn't, i got a car behind me that can be my witness that i was waiting for that parking..

Anyway, back to the computer store, i bought a Belkin Clearscreen Overlays for my ipod.. it costed me RM 68.. well, it's just a small amount for me to pay in order to keep my ipod safe without any further scratches.. then i went to buy the headset.. after buying the stuffs, we went window shopping.. went into every store but can't find anything nice EXCEPT Sub and Zara.. bought a pair of white pants from Zara which was RM 160 and here are a few of the clothes that i've tried on :-

This piece is from Sub.. they sell clothes for clubbing purposes

It took me quite some time to figure out how to wear this top.. haha..

What do you think of this top? it's from Zara.. i didn't buy it though.. it's about RM 100+

This is from Zara too.. it's actually a dress.. yea, lady in red :p i didn't take the front as it didn't fit me nicely.. yea, my boobs are small :( i'd want my wedding dress to be like this BUT with no ribbon at the back.. it will be replace by a string of bling bling all the way straight down to my waistline :) what do you think, baby?

Oh yea, at Zara.. i hate those people who jumps queue.. i was waiting in line then there was this salesgirl who came up behind me with a customer's (girl) shoe.. she put it next to me.. in frotn of me, a whtie guy was paying for the sweater he bought.. he paid by the HSBC GOLD credit card.. so after him, it'd be me BUT just coz of the girl behind me with the shoe took out her blardy Citibank GOLD credit card, she got to pay first.. i was like WTF! but then i can't do anything.. i mean, isn't cash better than credit card? when i pay cash, it means i have the money right there and then.. with credit card, it means that probably they ran out of cash or got no cash at all! and they'd only pay the bank next month or something.. duh~ anyway, i was thinking.. wait til i get MY HSBC supplementary PLATINUM credit card and i'll see if those people would treat me better.. HMPH!~

template down?

Yeah.. GODAMMIT! how on earth can blogspot be so retarded?! now i have to change my blardy template AND the best thing is i've lost my previous settings! all of my links gone! *poof* i thought i've saved the HTML but darn... okay okay.. i've to take time to re-do ALL over again.. gimme some time.. even my previous posts are retarded.. the fonts are smaller now so i've to adjust the previous posts alignment..

I hope you, readers would still come back to check my brand new blog template.. sorry for the inconvenience.. sigh.. and oh, baby.. i MISS you!

p/s: am going to bed now.. will do this later on..

Saturday, December 02, 2006

too early?

Today i went shopping with my aunty and grandma at Midvalley.. my grandma bought 2 new shirts from Ms. Read and my aunty got my uncle a nice pouch bag from Renoma as christmas's present.. and i got.....

Ta dah! a his and hers keychain.. duh~ the king will be for my baby and the queen is mine!! this keychain is for our new condo keys :) i've always wanted to buy it but never got the chance.. hehe.. i'm the queen of our lil love crib :p

Anyway, i got bad news :( there's some slight scratches on my new ipod! OMFG!!! i have no F**KING idea how the scratches got there.. i've been sooooooooooooooooooooooo damn careful already but.. sigh.. sorry baby :( does anyone know how to remove those scratches? pls heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!~

Friday, December 01, 2006

christmas presents?

Wohoooooooooooooooooo~ finally after months of waiting i got my Black 80G Ipod! thank you Tony for getting it for me in such a short time :) now, all i'm waiting is for my credit card then i can buy the laptop too! hehe...

I took a few 'not-so-good' pictures of the ipod :-

Ta dah! here's the 'box'.. okay okay, lousy picture :( but what the heck :p

Here's the inside of the 'box'.. oooooooo~ *drooling*

There's the ipod, earphones, USB 2.0 cable, casing..

The ipod without the sticker :)

I've to charge the ipod for at least 3 hours for the 1st time.. so while charging, i transfered most of my mp3s to it.. well, it only took up 400+MB :p oh well, i got lots more space to go for my pictures AND videos *wink* besides mp3s, i transfer my hubby's pictures and our pictures to the ipod too! now i can view the pictures anytime anywhere without my pc.. isn't that great? hehe..

Last but not least, i've to thank my hubby for this wonderful gift (he's spoiling me) as my upcoming Christmas present :) i'm loving it! but not as much as i LOVE you *muacks* can't wait for you to come back and to steal songs from your laptop.. keke.. some armin and chicane perhaps :p and oh, i miss you LOADS!~