Thursday, August 02, 2007

beauty secret?

I've been watching channel 76 on Astro quite frequent now.. that was how i got to know about the Bling H2O.. AND now i got to know about some Hollywood beauty secrets.. lemme share with you 2 of the secrets.. shhhhhhhhhh....

First of all, it's the Go Smile.. it's a teeth whitening product.. yea i know there's many of those products in the market BUT this, is frequently used by the celebrities.. that's how they keep their teeth white all the time.. they keep it in their pocket or purse or bag and use it whenever they want.. before the red carpet or photo shoot.. this is how it looks like :-

3 easy steps; flip it, pop/squeeze and apply

The second product which i'd want to share is the T3 hair dryer.. think it's made of ceramic and it won't damages the hair like most of the hair dryers do.. see it for yourself :-

It closes the cuticle layer to protect hair, eliminates frizzy and etc..

Anyone care to try and to live like a celebrity? :p~


lovegoddess said...

thats good info Nic, thanks! ;)

no wonder la the celebs often have pearly white teeth round the clock!

they've been carrying these to-go teeth whiteners in their purses!

is available locally?

lovegoddess said...
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:: Nicole.F :: said...

i don't think so.. but you can order online.. hehe.. OR i can get it for u when i'm in the states :p~