Thursday, August 09, 2007

la gourmet house?

The other day me and my aunty went to La Gourmet House at the Curve for lunch.. since i had a crave for pasta, i decided to try on their spaghetti with smoked chicken and my aunty had fried spaghetti which looks like this :-

My pasta.. which was un-believably spicy

My aunty's fried spaghetti..

As for our drinks :-

My aunty's ice blended green tea with whipped cream.. and..

My strawberry lemonade.. a lil too sour for me o.O

Overall, the food were just a-okay only.. no wow factor.. some more when the tab came, it was a whopping RM60++.. i'd rather have my fav pasta at dave's during weekdays to take advantage of the 50% discount and it'd only cost about RM50+ for two!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

which reminds me..i have yet to drag my arse up to 1U..want to get zewt along for a weekday dinner?

lovegoddess said...

strawberry lemonade sounds interesting! i would definitely try it!

and i love fried spagetti too! just can't get enuf of the firm texture of the pasta when its cooked that way ;)

:: Nicole.F :: said...

joe: yea.. u lazy bum.. grrrr... cancan.. ask zewt along.. it's been ages since i met him.. when will it b??

lovegoddess: we can go there :)