Sunday, August 12, 2007


We left the 'beast' into Desmond's hands in Nov 06.. hmmm.. was it before we got married or after?? yea, it has been THAT long.. yesterday my bb asked me to check 'it' out so i drove all the way to Sunway with my mum and boboie to take some pictures..

Along the way, this is what boboie did while i was driving :-

Anyway, this is how 'it' looks like now :-

You just have no idea how happy i felt when i saw most of the things are already in the engine bay.. wohooooooooooooooo! finally it's time for the 'awakening'... muahahaha!

BEWARE waja-lution, wira-lution and even evolution!! move to aside to let the King of the Road pass when you spotted it on the road.. LOL!!!!

ps: pardon me.. i'm just a lil teeny weeny over excited :p~


Russ said...

thanks so much for taking the pics for me Bebee, I love u! Muacks!