Sunday, March 11, 2007


Before my hubby gets me the REAL 350z, he got me a 1/24 scale down 350z model from Tamiya shop at 1Utama.. hehe..

This is how the box looks like :-

The Xanavi Nismo Z!! it includes a pre-painted die cast under panel :)

See? the black under p
anel on the left of the box.. cool, eh? ;)

My hubby wants me to occupy myself by doing something when he's away.. isn't he thoughtful? well, i don't think you should ask why he got me a car model.. if you've known me a lil well enough by reading my blog then you should know that i LOVE cars :) THAT is the one and only reason how my hubby met me!

Oh yea, before my hubby got me this car model, i got him a GTR Z-tune model too.. check out his posting on the gift i got for him here..

ps: you can skip the whole top part and scroll down to the process of making the car model :p

Oh, before i forget.. i actually do own another 350z.. hehe.. the Top Secret 350z..

Hahaha! gotcha! it's a die-cast model :p~ sorry for the not-so-good picture as my photographer isn't here with me.. he's taking a 'break' for 2 months.. anyway, this model is limited edition so i've to wrap it up in plastic ;)