Friday, March 16, 2007

where is my hubby??

I'm searching desperately for my hubby.. where could he be? it's gonna be almost 24 hours soon in a couple of hours since i last chatted with him online *crying* i'm worried.. REALLY worried..

Here's a picture of him yesterday which he took while chatting with me on skype :-

I don't know where he is right now.. on the vessel at Gulf of Mexico OR still at the hotel *praying hard* please baby, sms me back so that i'd know you're alright.. i LOVE you *tears rolling down my cheek*


:: Nicole :: said...

*phew* my prayers had been answered.. at 3am my baby sms-ed me.. he told me he was on the crewboat for 14 hours and the signal was bad.. that is why i didn't hear from him.. he told me next time i don't have to worry if i don't hear from him for days.. coz might be no signal..

yea yea, i was a lil paranoid.. but who wouldn't? especially the person is the one you love the most