Saturday, March 31, 2007

are ALL girls the same?

Define what a girl means to you.. are ALL girls the same? being :-

- emotional
- unpredictable
- naive
- attention seeker
- bossy
- biatch / slut
- throwing tantrums / upset / angry easily
- materialistic and etc..

I just hope i'd be somehow different from that.. but i guess somehow i'm the same as the rest of them *sigh*

ps: okay.. i think it's time to close the girls AND cars topic.. coz i think some girls would be REALLY pissed off at me :p~


Russ said...

Most girls are kinda the same...
The only girls who mean something to me are special.. like my mum, my sisters and you!
Ur special to me no matter what.. :)

:: Nicole :: said...

awwww.. thanks bb..

oh yea, when i was at times square i saw the girls.. promoting for F1.. seems like it's a contest.. hmmm.. i wonder if they know anything about F1 :p~