Tuesday, March 27, 2007

cheap car mags?

Hmmm... do you think a RM9.90 for a car magazine is cheap?

Today when i went for lunch with my ex-colleagues, i dropped by a book store and bought a few car magazines.. 2 banzai mags and 1 autosalon.. the actual price for the banzai mag is ₤3.99 each and the autosalon is $8.99.. so er... i guess after the conversion, it's still cheap right? :p hehe..

Anyways, 3 of the magazines have something in common.. hehe.. all 3 of it has an article of a GTR! (a Monster Blitz Drift Skyline, a 600bhp GTR and a Bee Racing track R33 GTR) :) and there's a list of the top 10 greatest engines on the autosalon mag! i can't wait to read it..

Here's the mags that i bought :-

Bb, when you come back you can read it too :)


Russ said...

I know u r jelous... like me too.. kekeke, but then again, sometimes ur not jelous... how come? kekeke :P

Russ said...

woops, that was for the new post, for this one... I wanna read too!! I ran out of mags offshore.. :(