Thursday, March 15, 2007

just a card?

No, it's NOT just a card.. it's a credit card! yea, so what's the BIG deal?

I know it's not a big deal now owning a credit card.. a person could easily apply for it if he/she is earning RM1,500 and above.. i was always the unlucky one.. most of my jobs, i wasn't earning that amoun
t.. once i was earning RM1,450.. i was like, what?! i started off earning RM1,400 for it but after probation they increased RM50.. oh great, i was short of RM50 more to apply for a credit card *sigh* and then i switched job.. i took up the challenge and became an assistant remisier.. yea, i was earning good money.. BUT i still can't apply for a card! why, you may ask.. it's coz i did not have a salary slip! arrrrrrrrgh........... my boss hired me not the stock broking company so i did not have a salary slip which every bank requires every applicant to have it in order to apply for a card.. so i thought, that's it.. i'd NEVER own a credit card.. my mum doesn't have a card as she's just a housewife AND she doesn't believe in cards.. she prefers cold hard cash..

Anyway, as you all might ask.. why do i want to have my own card so desperately? well, i think having a card is just so convenient.. you can basically pay anything with just a card! but then it doesn't mean that it's okay not to carry cash :p also if i need lots of cash urgently, i could just swipe! let's say if anyone (me or my mu
m) needs to check into a hospital, then a credit card would come in handy.. don't you agree?

So, last few weeks ago after i came back from Singapore, i got an envelope.. it's from HSBC! hoooooooooray!!! FINALLY.... *sweat*

This is not just an ordinary credit card..

I've been chosen! what an honour...

It's not a silver nor a gold card.. it's a PLATINUM card! see, there's my name 'Nicole Foong' but then how i wish i could put 'Nicole Westwood' instead :p~

It came together with 2 brochures too! :)

I think for now, i've only used it twice.. i mean twice for my own purpose.. once for my Tamiya car model, the 350z and second time was for my parking at 1Utama yesterday.. there's this PLATINUM parking in front of 1Utama.. i just have to slot the card into the machine and it will automatically deduct RM8.. yea, RM8 for the whole day! usually my hubby will park there.. it's more convenient as he doesn't have to look for a pay machine and line up in a queue to pay for the parking.. most importantly, he doesn't have to search for parking! hehe..

I guess for me, i'd only use the card for any emergency use, parking at 1Utama and petrol for my car.. but if i want to use it for buying clothes or anything, i could.. as my hubby gave me his permission :p~ yea yea, it's a supplementary card.. i share the credit limit with my hubby and the credit limit is high enough for both of us *phew*

ps: weird but it's true.. i do not feel the urge to splurge and swipe the card all the time.. i don't feel the 'force' pushing me to buy things which i do not need by swiping the card.. hmmmmm, i wonder if i'd EVER OVERSPEND and 'burn' my card.. hehe..


zewt said...

you have got a PLATINUM card??????


:: Nicole :: said...

yea, it's a lil' gift from my loving hubby :)