Saturday, March 31, 2007

movies anyone?

It's been erm.. not long ago i went to the cinema BUT it's been ages (at least that's how i feel) since i went to the cinema with my hubby.. i miss watching movie, feeding him cheezels, leaning against him, kissing him, hugging him and holding his hand in the cinema.. we usually would go for couple's seat.. hehe.. i can just put my legs on the seat and lean against my well-built hubby :)

Right, talking about movies.. am gonna watch 'Meet the Robinsons' at 4.45pm, Times Square with alice.. made a reservation 2 days ago.. so, i've to get ready soon! i think she'd be there to meet me after she's done doing her hair at the salon.. hmmm.. i wonder if she'd perm it or straighten it.. hehe.. probably will post a picture of her and will do a review for the movie
when i come back home after dinner later :p

And bb, i LOVE you.. i'm the luckiest girl in the world :) *muacks*

ps: can't wait for you to come back and watch 'Spiderman 3', 'Transformers' and 'Shrek 3' together with you

Finally i'm back home!! tog
ether with alice.. the movie was awesome!! it's really funny and the storyline is good.. anyways, when i arrived at Times Square the queue to buy tickets were EXTREMELY long! luckily i have made a reservation earlier on like 2 days ago.. i went to the counter to get my tickets AND when i gave her my reservation number, it appeared that there's no data! so i gave her my phone number instead and VOILA! 2 tickets reserved *phew*

The movie was supposed to be 4.45pm but it only started at 5.15pm.. i gave alice the side seat.. a few mins later, a guy came with a full bag of food and he sat right next to me.. well, i thought he came to watch the movie alone
.. gosh i was wrong! he came with another guy! haha.. yeap, the guy next to me is gay.. i got nothing against gay and i'm quite happy that a gay guy sat next to me.. at least i won't get molest or anything, right? :p~

Okay, i think i gotta go and eat now.. coz i just had 2 pieces of nuggets as my lunch.. i AM fungry (farking hungry) NOW *sigh*

I'd personally recommend this movie :) ratings? *thumbs up*

ps: ratatouille will be the next animation movie that i'd be looking forward to watch after Shrek 3.. hehe..

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