Saturday, March 24, 2007

is it malaysians or...?


I just got back home from dinner at a typical chinese restaurant.. it's my grandma's birthday today.. she was born in 24th March 1930.. yeap.. 1930.. which makes her 77 years old.. i know she secretly hope that she'd be able to see her great grandchild before she leaves the world but i guess she has to wait for 2 more years :)

Anyways, as we entered the restaurant i was almost DEAF! why? coz of the people there.. OMG, the noise they made could really make me dizzy and pass out.. it's worse than the wet market.. it's more like a stadium full with people.. people were talking non-stop even if their mouth was stuffed with food.. darn.. people are trying to outdo one and another coz when they tried to talk to another person, that someone couldn't hear them! thus it worsen the whole situation! i tried to ignore the noise but i felt like there's a point when i couldn't take it anymore and end up running out from the restaurant yelling.. haha.. it was THAT bad.. can really turn someone perfectly sane into INsane! and we had to wait for our food for almost half an hour.. bb, i think you can't go there coz when you're hungry, you'd be impatient and loose 'it'.. hehe.. right? :p~

So, is this situation only happens in Malaysia, Asian countries OR just anywhere in this world? can anyone please enlighten me?


Russ said...

Hahaha... yeah, thats so true, chinese restraunts are noisy as hell.. luckly Chyna restraunt in Hilton KL wasnt like that.. but I love chinese food! :)
I think ur right, I would have lost it. If u walked out, I would have asked us to leave somewhere else.. :)

:: Nicole :: said...

i was ALMOST or NEARLY lost it but i think my fuse is much more longer than yours, bb.. hehe :p

Russ said...

Thats why I love u so much baby.. hehe *muaks!*

Tony said...

=.= thats the reason i would still prefer Jap restaurant over chinese anytime. SUper duper quiet and the food taste good ^_^

Russ: If its me , i would have snapped and asked the waiter for a private room or leave

Nicole: Wonder why women can have so much patience.

:: Nicole :: said...

not ALL women got patience... hehe..