Sunday, March 18, 2007

it sucks?

Yeah it sucks.. especially to be alone at home today on my b'day facing this monitor when i face it almost EVERYDAY *sigh* i do secretly.. erm, openly hope that my hubby is here with me..

When i was much much younger. my family used to make a BIG deal about my b'day.. they'd buy/order a cake, throw me a party either at home or at my kindergarten/pre-school, buy me presents, sing me a b'day song and etc.. as i
grew older, i have none of this already.. even i do not like a whole cake for my b'day now, i'd still appreciate it if there's a piece of cheese cake in front of me..

I do not know how people could have such great b'day parties with friends.. for me, i don't know where all my friends are :( it's just so hard to get hold of them *sigh* i guess no one really cares EXCEPT my hubby.. but he's just too far away..

My b'day is just like any other day.. just passing by quietly and before i realize, it already gone.. *poof*

A few hours later..........

This is what my hubby did for me and he posted on his blog.. he's such a sweetie.. really lighted up my day.. thank you bb! :) *muacks*


Russ said...

Dont be sad baby.... We'll have another great get-away when im back! Just u and me...

:: Nicole :: said...

promise? *pinky promise* i love you bb! :) more than anything in the world