Monday, March 19, 2007

what is commitment?

What does commitment means to you? okay okay, i know there are many type of commitments in life BUT what i'd like to talk about is commitment to your spouse..

To tell you honestly, i've never had any serious commitment with anyone i dated.. i have work commitment, family commitment but not a spouse commitment.. the most i've done in a relationship was to meet the parents.. that's all.. ok ok, maybe that's NOT a big deal but it is to me.. and also, hmmmm... opening a joint account? that's a commitment too..

I've to say that i'm still new in this whole commitment thingy.. i felt uneasy or weird when my hubby gives me his atm card and leaves his cheque book with me when he's away working OR when he brought me to meet his family members.. okay, let's not say 'uneasy' n 'weird'.. i'm just not used to it and in a short time, i do not know how to react to it.. i never had anyone giving me money to spend nor having anyone to stay/live with me.. to be fully committed to me!

As i was cleaning up my room today, i've came across many of the stuff my hubby left here with me.. ALMOST everything.. his insurance, his house S&P (Sales & Purchase), his car registration card, his bank statements, his house loan, his cheque book and most importantly a couple of his authorization letters.. it really struck me that my hubby REALLY trust me alot and he's committing his whole life to me.. i never had a guy doing that to me before..

But sadly, i do not have those things to offer to my hubby.. all i can do to show him my commitment is that i'm married to him.. i'm there to take care of his needs, to be there when he's down, to give him the perfect family of our own, to stay loyal to him, never give up on him, be understanding and etc..

Seeing the ring which is on my finger now, i know that i've already committed to this man whom i've married.. so for better or worse, health or sickness, rich or poor, i'd ALWAYS by his side.. i've devoted my time, my love, my effort, my emotion to my hubby..

Bb, i just want to say that i'm totally committed to you and i'd NEVER EVER leave you.. i give you my promise.. i LOVE you :)


Tony said...

1 word , shocked. I guessed no 1 would have guessed u will do something like that =p Nicole u gotta support him ya ^_^ Thumbs up!!

Russ said...

Dont worry Tony, she does :)
Baby, why u let the whole world know how much I trust u?? Kekeke... as if they dont already know :P
But thanks for being such a great wife baby.. love u.. :x

:: Nicole :: said...

tony: i do appreciate and trust my hubby

bb: you're welcome and thanks for being such a GREAT hubby! :)