Sunday, March 18, 2007

no birthday presents?

Oh well, for this year mostly i got my presents from shops rather than friends or family members *sigh* maybe that's the good thing being a member.. hehe..

First and foremost, i'd like to say thank you to Braun Buffel.. by giving me such a nice present even though i have to collect it personally at the boutique :)

They send me a b'day card! :)

And it says "Happy
Birthday"! duh...

Then i collected my card from them at the boutique @ 1Utama

Surprise! surprise! no, this isn't a wallet..

It's a memo pad :)

Secondly i'd like to thank Padini Holdings Berhad for sending me a card as well..

It's not an ordinary card..

Ta dah! i got a 30% off on normal priced items.. not bad, huh?

Wait, that's not all.. here's a RM40 rebate voucher from them too!

Finally i got something from a friend, May which is:-

A BLV body lotion.. mmmmmmm....


Baby Janez said...

Hey Hey Nicole, Happeee Burfday!

:: Nicole :: said...

thank you jane :)

Anonymous said...

hey gurl..happy belated sorry dat i couldnt celebrate it with u..told u dat i have to work on weekends last week..n also this week.. but hey, i think we can meet on this sunday n we can then exchange bday present...hehehe!!! just joking... :p


:: Nicole :: said...

thanks :) but it's alright.. i spent my b'day at home chatting with my hubby :p

Russ said...

Hi baby.. nice presents u got.. how come I didnt get any for my birthday?? :P
Maybe u can give me one when im back? Hehehe

:: Nicole :: said...

hmmmmm... okay.. i'll give u the memo pad and u could use the cerrutti pen as well :)

Russ said...

I was just kidding lah.. heheh
I also got my own cerutti pen :P
I'll try to give u a *special* present when im back, if u know what i mean... :P

:: Nicole :: said...

er... *blur* special? hmmmmmmm.. are u thinking what i am thinking? kekekeke...