Saturday, March 17, 2007

is it my b'day already?

Oh noooooooooooooo........ i'm turning 26 tomorrow (18th march 2007).. darn.. getting old.. like my hubby said last night to me "you're a 26 year old woman, not a 25 year old girl anymore".. T_T yea yea, but still i'm exactly 2 months younger than my hubby :p~

Today i went out to have lunch with a couple of friends.. may and her bf, kevin AND also ben.. we went to TGIF, 1Utama.. as usual i had pasta! hehe.. i forgot to take pictures of the food we ate but luckily i took pictures of ALL of us! my hubby wants to see, so i just took.. afterall, i want to blog about it ;)

Here's a few pictures :-

The lovely couple :) May and Kevin

Me and Ben..

Ben and May.. ben, you look so dark :p~

Before anyone ask or wonder if i got any presents, well.. to tell the truth, i only got 1 present which is from May.. as for Ben, he paid for my lunch! :) aren't they such good friends?

The box with blue wrapping paper is from May and the other one is from Braun Buffel.. they gave me a present on my b'day coz i became a member when i bought my hubby his wallet :)

ps: to view more pictures and to find out what's my presents, just click here