Wednesday, March 14, 2007

LG phones?

I always thought that Nokia has the best phones ever.. it's user friendly and it's stylish.. but anyhow i wanted to try out using other brand of phones so i bought my 1st ever Motorola phone, V600 3 years ago.. it's my 1st flip phone actually.. it's not as user friendly as Nokia and it comes with only 5MB!

So, after that i g
ot myself another phone.. about more than a year ago.. i bought a Sony Ericson phone, W550i.. it is actually a good phone BUT it's kinda too heavy (120g) for me to put in my pocket.. also the camera is just only 1.3MP without any flash and memory is 256MB.. well, as least it's better than my Motorola :p

Now, i've been searching around for a new phone! er... i told my hubby before but not too sure if he'd agree with me.. nowadays i think i'm interested in LG phones now since my hubby got his stylish LG KG800.. the downside of that phone is that it only comes with 128MB.. to me, i think LG is coming up with more nicer phones.. i just found 2! hehe..

First is the LG KE970 Shine.. this is how it looks like :-

This phone is 125g.. 5g heavier than my W550i.. as it's made of full metal.. however it's slimmer :p

The second phone is the LG KE850 Prada.. it's only 85g! wohoooooooo! and this is how it looks like :-

Oh, did i mention that it's touch screen? it's just like the iphone :) hmmm, if i were to get this phone might as well i get the iphone right?