Sunday, March 04, 2007

has it been more than 6 weeks already?

OMIGOSH!!! it IS more than 6 weeks now since my hubby came back from US! and it means he'd be going off soon AGAIN :'( why does time has to pass by so fast when i'm having fun? why O why? darn...

For the past 6 weeks, i had an incredible time with my hubby :-

1st week : in KL
2nd week : in penang
3rd week : in Langkawi
4th week : in KL (celebrating Valentine's Day & CNY)
5th week : in Singapore
6th & 7th week : in KL

I know i've been blogging ALOT lesser than usual.. well, as most of you know that my hubby is back so i gotta spend MOST of my time with him.. i realize that i haven't post anything about my Langkawi trip, my Valentine's Day celebration and my trip to Singapore YET.. hehe.. my hubby took me to places where i've never been to before! :) yea yea, i haven't been to Singapore til lately only :p~

A little about Singapore... hmmmmmm.... where shall i start? well, i LOVE Singapore!!! the streets are clean and the good thing is there's NO potholes!! how i wish Malaysia's street are like that.. sigh.... no one throw rubbish everywhere or spitting at places where you're not supposed to spit *yuck* and orchard road is H-E-A-V-E-N to every girl.. hehe.. shopping malls are just everywhere along the road.. THANK GOD i stayed at the hotel along that road.. haha! and where else can you get a mercedes taxi but in Singapore itself :) oh oh, did i mention that i've never seen traffic jam during my stay there? there's no old cars and no black smokey busses around *grin* and most importantly, people feels safe during the night while walking alone and taking MRT.. no fear of getting robbed OR raped OR being followed.. ok ok, i shall stop praising Singapore as maybe there's some bad points too.. anybody care to tell me?

pssssssssst, the only bad thing i found is that there's a speed limit in Singapore :( poor those Lambo OR Ferrari OR Porsche OR Maserati OR Subaru OR Evo owners.. they have to drive 80kmph when they can go more than that :p~

ps: will update my trip to Langkawi, Valentine's Day celebration AND Singapore trip when i have time :) for now, i'm gonna spend the last few more days with my hubby before he leaves for work soooooooooooooooooooooon :(


zewt said...

oh oh... someone is going to be lonely....

can listen to lonely from akon :P

:: Nicole :: said...

well i hope this time it won't be SO bad as i bought a 350z from tamiya for me to fix.. and also our apartment is ready so i gotta go over there to see the renovation progress.. last but not least i can have time to upload pictures from my holiday trips :) update my blog too!~ :p